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Friday, December 12, 2008

Basscut - The Art Of War (1991)

Basscut is comprised of German-Swiss 'synthesist' Heinrich Zwahlen and singer Elisa Burchett. After working with electronic music pioneers like Yello and DAF in his native land, Heinrich moved to New York and formed Basscut with Elisa, combining his electronic wizardry and her soulful voice to create unique techno-soul music.The album's sound is indeed very original and hard to pin down. It would likely most be compared to Soul II Soul, but it is much more synthetic sounding. First singles "Pampa" and "Say You Love Me" didn't hit, but a Satoshi Tomiie remix of "I'm Not In Love" (not a cover of the 10cc track) managed to reach number 4 on the Billboard dance charts. They released a couple more non-album singles over the next couple of years - the garage-house track "Woman In The Shadow (The Only One)" and the eurodance track "Follow Me" - that remained mostly unknown. That would have seemed the end of the duo. Heinrich continued to work in New York as a successful engineer and producer, and Elisa did some back-up and feature vocals. Then, in 2003, the two worked together again on Elisa's single "The Other Sex / Blue For You". It seems that they kept in close contact ever since, as new Basscut songs have emerged on an 'in progress' website for Heinrich, with a promise that they will "see you soon".

Download The Art Of War

My Obsession
Boys & Girls
Say You Love Me
My Inspiration
Footsteps In The Night
Mr. Z
Someday In August
Runaway Child
I'm Not In Love
Over And Over

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  1. Thank you for this classic album Nasty G. What is music without such a memorable album. (Also, Thanks for Re-Up)

    Jovpro Npo