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Monday, December 3, 2007

Naomi Campbell - Babywoman (1994)

Naomi Campbell is of course known first and foremost as a supermodel. In the golden age of the supermodel, she was reigning queen. But, like several of her contemporaries, Naomi wanted to branch out and show that she was much more than a pretty face. She attempted acting in bit roles in several movies, and wasn't altogether horrible. Apparently encouraged by this success, her next step was to become a recording artist, and most assuredly in her mind, a pop star. No doubt her celebrity status allowed her to choose from the most popular producers of the day, and she did. Tracks on her debut (and only) album were produced by the likes of Youth, P.M. Dawn, Tim Simonen and Justin Strauss. Perhaps realizing that her audience would largely be comprised of gay men, the album featured club music, though her first single, "Love And Tears" was an oddly downbeat affair. However, her second, "I Want To Live", was pure dancefloor (and was later recorded by trance group and fellow Isle postee Grace). The album also included remakes of Luscious Jackson's "Life Of Leisure", T-Rex's "Ride A White Swan" and the oft-covered (by Emma Bunton among others) "Sunshine On A Rainy Day" by Zoe. Of course, the album flopped (Naomi's voice, serviceable but unspectacular, didn't help) and her pop stardom never happened. But her pop culture stardom would, of course, persevere, thanks to the diva antics the hungry public would demand of her and that she seems more than willing to give.

Video for Love & Tears

Download Babywoman

Love & Tears
I Want To Live
Ride A White Swan
Life Of Leisure
Looks Swank (Spooky)
Picnic In The Rain
When I Think About Love
All Through The Night
Sunshine On A Rainy Day
I Want To Live (Reprise)


  1. I Didn't Download This Album Cause I Already Have It...
    But Like You I Agree That It Is Good...


  2. Do you by any chance have any of the remixes of "I Want To Live" I have been looking for them for forever.
    Thanks, Rich.

  3. Sorry, Rich, but no, I don't...

  4. Hey there! Thank you much!

  5. OMG! Been looking for this FOREVER!!! THANKS!!

  6. My best friend has an AUTOGRAPHED copy of this. Sorry -- but this album is abysmal! I remember really wanting to like it and was anticipating its release. But, basically, Naomi Campbell couldn't carry a tune if it had reinforced shoulder straps! :-o What key is LOVE & TEARS supposed to be in anyway? {*larf!*} Whenever I need a laugh or want to torture glam rock fans, I pop on her RIDE A WHITE SWAN. Oh, it does my spirit good! :-D

  7. Thanks for sharing, man!

  8. Yeah, this album is really bad LOL!!! The PM Dawn stuff is good though. Then again I always loved those guys. In case you didn't know, the original version of "When I Think About Love" is a duet with Elton John and can be found on his "Duets" album, which was released the year before.

  9. How can I get a download for I want to live remixes? :-(

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