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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Solid HarmoniE - Solid HarmoniE (1997)

Solid HarmoniE (aka SHE) were an even more obvious attempt at making another Spice Girls. They were Brits formed around the same time as the Spices and their music was pure pop. They were fortunate enough to be produced by many of the same people, including Max Martin and Kristian Lundin, responsible for the teen pop revolution and the success of acts like Robyn, Britney, 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. The songs are good pop tunes, as would be expected. Despite the presence of these super producers, however, the girls didn't make much of an impact in North America. They had a few semi-hits in Britain and were hugely successful in the Netherlands, but North American audiences apparently only had room in their hearts for one British girl group. The girls did manage to record a follow up, but it was unfortunately shelved. Three of the members went on to pursue solo careers, while one, Mariama, briefly joined successful UK R&B girl group Honeyz. (Pay special attention to their reinterpretations of Hi-Five's "She's Playing Hard To Get" and trash pop lovers' fave Bardeux's "When We Kiss".)

Video for I'll Be There For You:

Video for I Wanna Love You

Video for I Want You To Want Me

Video for To Love Once Again

Bonus video, for the pre-album single when the group was a threesome Got 2 Have Ya

Download Solid HarmoniE

I'll Be There For You
I Want You To Want Me
To Love Once Again
Come And Get It
Walk Away
You Got The Flava
He's Playing Hard To Get
I Wanna Love You
I Gotta Get My Groove On
When We Kiss (Missing You)


  1. Absolutely fantastic!
    I Wanna Love You is super!
    Frederick (Italy)

  2. Could you reupp this album? Thank you!

  3. I don't suppose you have got a song recorded for their abandoned second album called Does Your Daddy Know?

  4. Thanks for this, Ralph (Brazil)

  5. Is there a chance for it to be reuploaded once again?

  6. Thank You so much for this 😊😘❤