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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cherokee - Naked Music (1992), I Love You...Me (1998) & Soul Parade (2002) TRIPLE POST!!!

I recently bought the album by Auto & Cherokee, having seen it in used CD stores for years, but I never picked it up for some reason. I have followed Cherokee for years, and she recently released the song "Goddess", so I think it's time that I did a post on her. Cherokee Pogue is from Brooklyn, New York. She started writing poetry when she was 10 and formed her first band when she was 13 years old.  At the age of 16, Cherokee met a local singer/songwriter named Auto (whom she later married) and they released an album, "Naked Music" in 1992 on Morgan Creek Records.  The album was far from a success, despite the video for "Taste" getting some rotation.  They also recorded a PSA called "We Can Play Together". Apparently Auto became very abusive towards Cherokee, and they split in 1995. Cherokee moved to Los Angeles, got a deal with RCA records in 1998, and released her debut solo album I Love You....Me. It was far less funky than her album with Auto, and veered into neo-soul, which was big at the time thanks to artists like Erykah Badu. The only single released from the album, "Ooh Wee Wee," peaked at #88 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, staying on the chart for 3 weeks. A promo single for "Steppin' Stone" was also released. She performed on shows such as "Soul Train" and "Motown Live."  She was also featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Jet, Vogue, Esquire, Billboard, and the The New York Times. She was also featured in a huge ad campaign for GAP. Despite all of this promotion, her album failed to chart. However, RCA allowed her to record a second album, Soul Parade, which was scheduled for release in 2001. Unfortunately, the division of RCA Records responsible for releasing the album ended up folding and the album was never released. Cherokee later released the album herself through her website. Two singles were released from the album, however: "Nectarine," featuring Andre 3000, and "I Swear." Neither of them charted. Cherokee married record producer Neal Pogue and had a daughter, whom she took the next six years off to raise.  In 2011, Cherokee (nee Shock Mama Cherry) joined Brazilian guitarist Fred Card to form reggae/soul duo Esprit De Corps, whom she continues to record and tour with. As mentioned, she recently released the amazing electro-funk song "Goddess" and promises that new music is coming.

Video for Taste

Download Naked Music

1 Introduction To Our World
2 Naked Music
3 Taste
4 Indian Summer
5 So Good To Be In Love
6 Best Of Friends
7 Interlude / Breed Of The Apple Children
8 She Eats Like A Lion
9 Hack Your Bed
10 Hook You Up
11 Forever Yours
12 Homeless
13 Taste (Street Single Mix)

Video for Ooh Wee Wee

Download I Love You...Me

1 While I'm Flying
2 Oopsy Daisy
3 Sexy Somethin'
4 Ooh Wee Wee (4 U Mix)
5 Steppin' Stone
6 Misty
7 Blue Bottle Afta Shave
8 My Own Queen
9 I Love You...Me
10 Fictitiously
11 Ooh Wee Wee (4 Me Mix)

Video for Nectarine

Video for I Swear

Download Soul Parade

1 Runaway
2 Lips
3 A Woman Knows (feat. Bilal)
4 I Swear
5 Nectarine (feat. Andre 3000)
6 Star (feat. Floetry)
7 Nothing Really Feels The Same
8 Crazy (feat. Rahsaan Patterson)
9 Daddy How?
10 Where
11 One
12 Can't Let Go


  1. Hi. Nasty G. I was wondering about this particular artist "Cherokee" isn't she the former Hot/Bianca Recording artist that sang the Miami Freestyle hit "Calling on Your Love?" 😃

  2. Thank for the write up. Just to clear a few thing up...After RCA folded, I was signed to Arista Records by LA REID. He only released one single and that was"I Swear" Reid did not invest the proper funds into promoting the single. Nectarine should have been a hug hit being that Outkast was on the same label. However...Nectarine was released through RCA right before they folded the black division. Reid didn't want to pay for the video so it was pulled off BET and never promoted. Politics played a huge part in my project not moving forward. But that's the music biz for ya. I tried to get my record back from the label but was unable to. I found out Soul Parade was being sold on eBay for $290 so I then sold only 20 copies for $20 each, along with an autographed picture and poster. Esprit De Corps is no longer together. We broke up back in 2016. I'm solo and continue write and do music but my focus is my children. I have a 17 yrs daughter and a 15 yrs old son along with 4 beautiful step children from my husband, whom are all older. As of right now, I don't know what the future holds except that I love music and it will forever be my first passion. xo (once again Thank U for the write up)

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  4. This Cherokee is the original Cherokee and has an Instagram page and website called CherokeeTheArtist. Many other artist try and use the name Cherokee but she is the very first! Her album I love you me was amazing and her follow album Soul Parade was even better. She also released and EP in 2019 called Just a Brooklyn Girl and it was also in a class of it’s own. Super underrated artist with a talent out of this world.