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Friday, August 22, 2014

Alison Limerick - And Still I Rise (1992), With A Twist (1994) & Spirit Rising (1998) TRIPLE POST!!!

As it's been awhile since my last post, I'm hitting you with yet another triple post!  This time I'm featuring house diva Alison Limerick.  Alison was born in London and at first set out to be a dancer, even attending the London Contemporary School of Dance.  But her strong, soulful voice couldn't be denied and soon she was an in demand backing singer.  Her first major gig was backing vocals on Style Council's "Shout To The Top" in 1984.  Through the rest of the 80s and early 90s she made vocal appearances on songs by an eclectic array of alternative artists such as Peter Murphy, The Icicle Works, Ultravox and This Mortal Coil, on whose albums she took lead on several tracks like "Nature's Way" and "Drugs".  During this time she also began working with producer and songwriter Lati Kronlund.  Kronlund had written a house song that he thought Alison's voice would be perfect for, and "Where Love Lives" was born.  Released in 1990 on Arista, the song became a huge club hit, thanks in large part to the remix by Frankie Knuckles and David Morales.  In 1991, it reached #3 on the Billboard dance chart and #27 on the UK singles chart.  This led to an album deal with Arista, but the second single, "Come Back (For Real Love)", was less successful, only reaching #53 on the UK pop chart. She did almost make the top 40 again that year with a collaboration with Malcolm McLaren, "Magic's Back". And the next single from her album, "Make It On My Own", was another chart hit, reaching #6 on the Billboard dance chart and #16 on the UK chart.  But the album was not released in the US, and the follow-up singles "Hear My Call" and "Gettin' It Right" were only minor chart hits in the UK. Undaunted, Alison began to work on new music.  While her next single, "Time Of Our Lives", failed to chart, her remake of Evelyn "Champagne" King's "Love Come Down" managed to hit the UK top 40 at #36, and her second album was released in 1994, with Frankie Knuckles behind the production of most of it.  It wasn't successful enough for the label to keep her, alas. She kept busy over the following few years by contributing vocals and lyrics to acid jazz group Vibraphonic, and had another minor UK hit with the James Taylor Quartet, "Love Will Keep Us Together". Then, in 1996, "Where Love Lives" was re-released with new mixes, and became an even bigger hit, reaching #4 on the Billboard dance chart and #9 on the UK pop chart.  Then "Make It On My Own" was re-released and reached #30 on the UK chart.  This led to another album with an indie label in 1998, and the preceding single. "Put Your Faith In Me", just missed the top 40 in the UK.  None of the follow up singles - "Never Knew", "Let's Hold On (To Love)" and "Spirit Rising", managed to chart, however.  And though she has not released a proper album since, Alison has kept very busy with music, collaborating on singles with, among others, X-Press 2, And If, Ringleader and Ikon, as well as extensive touring.  And in 2003, "Where Love Lives" appeared on the charts yet again thanks to new remixes, reaching #16 on the Billboard dance charts and #44 on the UK pop chart, proving you can't keep a good song down.  Expect it to 'live' again on the charts in the near future.  You can keep up with Alison via her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Video for Where Love Lives

Video for Make It On My Own

Video for Gettin' It Right

Video for Come Back (For Real Love)

Download And Still I Rise

1 Make It On My Own
2 Gettin' It Right
3 Where Love Lives (Come On In)
4 Hear My Call
5 Trouble
6 Come Back (For Real Love)
7 Tell Me What You Mean
8 Let's Make A Memory
9 You And I
10 The Difference Is You

Video for Time Of Our Lives

Video for Love Come Down

Download With A Twist

1 Time Of Our Lives
2 Love Come Down
3 Twisted
4 No Way Out
5 Crime To Be That Cool
6 So Long
7 Sentimental
8 Buck The System
9 Take It Back
10 Let's Just Pretend
11 Build Your Love
12 Unique
13 Come Home

Video for Put Your Faith In Me

Video for Let's Hold On (To Love)

Download Spirit Rising

1 Spirit Rising
2 Never Knew
3 Let's Hold On (To Love)
4 Put Your Faith In Me
5 How Happy
6 Stronger Love
7 So Far So Good
8 Dangerous Game
9 Take It Easy
10 It's Getting Better (This Could Be Good)

Bonus Tracks
11 Never Knew (Joe T. Vanelli Classic Mix)
12 Put Your Faith In Me (Peppermint Jam Faith Club Mix)
13 Let's Hold On To Love (Metro Mix)
14 Where Love Lives (Ruff Driverz Full Vocal Mix)


  1. great posting. thanks a bunch.

  2. Wow, now this is an awesome post!
    Thanks so much for this one!!

  3. Oh, I do love Put Your Faith In Me, but was hoping for some other more emphatic numbers given she was working with the Livin' Joy guys.

  4. "Where Love Lives" was my jam back in the day! Psyched to be able to check out more Alison. Thanks for posting!!!

  5. Hi, thanks for this great post (although) Spirit Rising seems to be stuck. Thanks too for the Arthur Baker, I have never come across the second CD. (but have a remix CD from 2001). All the best.

    1. You're welcome. Spirit Rising downloaded for me, so you may want to try again later. If it continues to be a problem let me know. ;)

  6. hi, can you reupload with a twist and spirit rising albums, please? Thanks