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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain - More Than You Can Handle (1985)

Imagine, if you will, that a 15 year old small town Canadian boy, obsessed with Prince and his protegees and really any female R&B singer at that time, picks up at his local record store a 7" single called "More Than You Can Handle" by a mysterious act called Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain, and it's on the Motown label. An instant rush of excitement and forbidden desire overcomes him and he simply MUST have it, even though he has no idea who this act is or what the song sounds like. Imagine further when said record turns out to be even more than he could have hoped for, yes, more than he could handle!! Well, that boy was me, and I was instantly smitten. Of course, all I had was this single, without even a picture sleeve, and no way of finding out more about this mysterious 'Lushus Daim'. Then, sometime later, I was casually flipping through albums at a used record store in Toronto and happened across a lovely visage that I first mistook to be that of my goddess Vanity. Instead, it turned out to be THE Lushus Daim and her album of the same name as my precious single! I was overwhelmed by just how awesome that image was. She looked even better than I could have imagined! I could barely wait to get home to listen to the album. And then...I was underwhelmed. Perhaps too much time had passed, but the music just didn't move me as I'd hoped. Then again, my expectations were very high. I gave it a few listens and then forgot about it until recently. Upon listening to it again, I finally appreciate it's brilliance. Thanks to the retro-electro-funk revival over the past couple of years, this album seems fresh and exciting. It's solid from beginning to end. It seems that Motown may have been looking for another Vanity, whose debut solo album they released the year before, or at least a female artist who emulated the looks and vibe that Prince had created in his protegees. But while the music has many Prince-ish qualities, it was in fact produced by Leon Sylvers III, who was at the height of his electro-funk craft, having produced groups like Shalamar, The Whispers, Krystol and Five Star. The title track was released as a single but, aside from rocking my world, it didn't make an impact. Neither did the follow-up, the lovely mid-tempo ballad "The One You Love". And that seems to be the end of it. Nothing more was heard from or can be found on this elusive beauty. I did read a brief interview back in the day where she claimed that Lushus Daim was her real name. Also, I don't think there ever was a 'Pretty Vain', as the credits on the album encompass a wide array of players, with Sylvers being the most prominent. Lushus did co-write all but the title song, however. Whatever the case, we luckily have this piece of electro-funk magic to remember her fondly by. Today's retro-loving acts only wish they could craft something so tasty.

UPDATE: Here is a little update left in the comments from an anonymous visitor (perhaps Lushus herself?):

"The Pretty Vain was the name of her band. She is doing well, married with 3 children living in Los Angeles. She only sings for fun now around family and friends but she still has an amazing voice. Her daughter has inherited her talent and hopefully we'll be hearing from her soon."

Video for The One You Love

Download More Than You Can Handle

More Than You Can Handle
The One You Love
Be There For Me
The Rhythm Of Love
Pretty Poison
Attention Addict
For You


  1. Wow, I had both 7" singles back in the day. I loved "More Than You Can Handle." I bought "The One You Love" expecting to be awesome, too, but was disappointed, since it was a ballad. Thanks for posting and giving me a chance to hear the whole album!

  2. I have loved this album for many, many years. I totes go moist for anything with this Jesse Johnson sound. Love!

  3. The Pretty Vain was the name of her band. She is doing well, married with 3 children living in Los Angeles. She only sings for fun now around family and friends but she still has an amazing voice. Her daughter has inherited her talent and hopefully we'll be hearing from her soon.

  4. OMG! Lushus is one of my all time favoruite trash classics. Thanks so much for posting this!

  5. OH.



    I've been looking for this forEVER!!! I had it on cassette when it first came out and played it to bits...then I couldn't find a replacement.

    Thank you!

  6. Does anyone have the 12" Version of "More Than You Can Handle" I am dying to find it!


  7. I have the 12" promo single. If I remember correctly, it has a 12" mix and a dub.

  8. Hi Trevor!

    I just got chills at the thought of having this! Is is available for download anywhere?

    1. I posted that and never came back to this page until now, sorry! If you still want it, here's a link:

    2. I have this joint in my car right now.i got it when it first came out and I bought it of the strength Leon sylvers produced it and how he has a way with well placed harmonies and his use of the DMX drum machine and it's signature clap. Plus she had "that" voice it was sexy and she was singing on some funk! My cut is be there for me due to its synth work and chord structure and that memorable bassline I've been repeating flex cause I like the harmonies on it especially on the lines that end with "oh" for you is my very fave live the chords the vocals and the guitar work on it it has this being near the ocean a musician who's music is heavily steeped in this style of funk and as a former radio DJ folks always ask do I still have this and I always reply in my Morris Day voice YEEESSSSSS!

  9. Does anyone know Lushus Daim real name?

  10. Where at can I download this album? 21stAug2012

  11. Thanks!! BTW, Anyone remember the group WORLD SITIZENZ?

    1. Yo I do! I have the album plus im friends with the lead singer and bass player christopher maxx he also put out a solo LP called more than physical produced by Nile Rogers

  12. I fell in love with it back in the day and still love it brings back so many memories.

  13. DL Link seems to be down :(
    could you re-upload please?

  14. thanks! this was 1 of very few I've not been able to find from old school days. when I play my old homemade cassette folks always marvel that with such good songwriting,arrangement, bass, & production values it wasn't a success. I always thought that if pretty poison had been the 2nd release the story would have turned out differently.LOVE it! & we'd all have forgotten the group by the same name(thankfully). talk about betting on the wrong horse.

  15. Do you have the Driven to fantasy album of Angelyne?

  16. It's dead, could someone kindly reup this please?

  17. her real name, at least the one she signed official contracts with at the time was Anika Howard. but she was married and has since divorced and renarried, started a family, etc. so her current last name and maiden name is unknown

  18. is it possible to uplaod this one again please