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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gina Go-Go - Sweet Surrender (1989)

Here we have another album from 1989 that also incorporates the dance-funk-pop sound of the time. And here we also have another unknown singer with a pleasant but unspectacular voice, but with a moniker that is at least more memorable. Also, thanks to contributions by hot (at the time) producers and remixers, this album also includes quite tasty freestyle, house and R&B elements. These producers/remixers include Shep Pettibone, Mantronik, Justin Strauss and Gerry E. Brown. However, the main producer is Nick Mundy, also producer of Color Me Badd, Sheena Easton and Jeremy Jordan (!), and the tracks he produces solo aren't quite as memorable. But "I Can't Face The Fact" (which made it to #78 on the Billboard Hot 100) and "Kisses In The Wind" are must haves! "The Only One (Gotta Be)" was the only other single. I can find almost no info about the woman except that her real name is Gina Gomez, that she has written songs for and co-produced a few other artists, including the saucy "Downtown" by SWV and "What Comes Naturally" by Sheena Easton, and that she was a member of brief R&B girl group Ebony Vibe Everlasting after her solo attempt.  They had a minor hit with "Groove Of Love" which hit the Billboard R&B (#75) and Dance (#14) charts and the UK Top 30. Another of their songs, "Good Life", also reached the UK Top 40. Come-come back, Miss Go-Go. We barely knew ye!

UPDATE:  Well, how exciting is it that Miss Gina Go-Go herself finally found this post and has written me, giving us details on her career?!  We have had a wonderful e-mail exchange, and she has allowed me to share with you her correspondence.  Enjoy, and thanks a ton, Gina!

"I can tell you now that I am from the U.K. and my singing over there was comparable to the average artist at that time. Then I came to the US and it was a whole different story. Like "be careful what you wish for!" I had to compete with much better singers and my dancing was okay, but not great. Therefore, I decided to focus on my writing which was in much better condition. I wrote all but one song on my Gina Go Go album. Then, I was given a record deal at MCA in 1992 (because of my writing) and they told me to put a group together. Hence, Ebony Vibe Everlasting which I wrote most of the songs on. They said I had to be in the group which I did not want, but had to, to get the record deal.  I actually received 5 platinum albums before 1995. 

In 2000, I got pregnant and had a severely premature baby: 1lb 8 oz at 23 weeks, the youngest you can be born to live and in fact zero babies have survived this young birth without having a disability. I had to focus 24 hours on his recovery. Now at almost 15, he is one the top ten basketball players in the US for his age group....He is 6ft 9 inches, the tallest 14 year old in basketball today....AMAZING! So it all turned out good in the end.

My work with kids now still involves writing songs and I'm making an App that is coming out soon. I am looking to sell millions of course and it's for a good cause of teaching kids positivity. When I am free, I want to write for movies and serious artists who need awesome lyrics and melodies which is where my talent lies etc.

Unfortunately, there were no videos made as Gina Go Go. Now that I look back, my vocals weren't the strongest part of me and so it fulfilled a childhood dream that I had. I still sang with passion though LOL! I do everything with passion which is my secret weapon and gets me what I want in life.

I started the phrase for "Downtown" back in the day. Now everyone uses it for that purpose lol!

Ebony Vibe Everlasting went to number one in the UK and we could have done really well, but unfortunate circumstances couldn't keep us together. Basically, I wanted to stay in the background and focus on writing. The record company insisted that I had to be in the group. There were a few irreconcilable differences with the members. We replaced a girl, but it wasn't the same after that....mostly because my heart wasn't into it. Remember, I told you, I do things with passion and if I don't feel it, I can't fake it.

I got flown out to Virginia to write with Teddy Riley and I wrote with Dr. Dre too. So I had a great time. I don't have any regrets. I feel like what I am about to come out with is the icing on the cake: the best of my work and for my career and I am looking forward to it immensely!!"

Download Sweet Surrender

I Can't Face The Fact
The Only One (Gotta Be)
Next to You
Sweet Surrender
Consequences Of Love
Kisses In The Wind
Party Eyes
True To You
What's A Girl Supposed To Do
Take A Chance


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  2. I really like this album, and for me the standout was "True To You." It has a sort of EBM flair to it.

  3. May we have a re-up please.

    Thanks a lot 4 this great blog !!!!

  4. I'll re-up when I get a chance, but for now the Megaupload link still works. ;)

  5. thanks a LOT buddy !!!

  6. Thanks for this! I found the 12" for "The Only One (Gotta Be)" at my local Salvation Army and thought to look here first for an album. Glad I did, thanks!

  7. Hi ! This is one of the Best albums ! i love it . especially
    the song " Next to You " happy dance pop music :D .i always look for this kind of music ! if you have any suggestion for me ? anyhow
    Great job for uploading this album !

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  9. Hi....thought I'd let you know that I just came across this blog while looking for information on myself....7 years later! Yes, I am Gina Go Go and I found this blog very interesting. My life took a different direction after this album. I guess I was more interested in the writing aspect of the music business and now I am a mom, but thank you for even noticing my work! Gina Go-Go

    1. Hi Gina! An honour having you visit! And please ignore the cattiness of this post - it was posted in the infancy of this blog, and it was a lot cattier then. ;) I was actually listening to this album a couple days ago, and your voice is lovely. Please fill us in on your career, including whether you were indeed a member of Ebony Vibe Everlasting. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  10. Nasty G, I find your blog on point and not catty at all :) I focused on my writing and signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Publishing. I went on to receive 5 platinum albums and a gold record on different top artists around that time. Yes, I was a member of Ebony Vibe Everlasting. Today, now that my mummy days are almost over, I am once again going back to writing and will have some works coming out soon. I'll be back in another 7 years to tell you how it went! Let's stay in touch!

  11. Hello Nasty. Love this album but the file for the song 'Sweet Surrender' is corrupted. Is there any way you can redo this particular file?

    1. I have reupped the entire album. Let me know if it works!

  12. Hello, By chance do you still have Gina's email address? I have been trying to contact her since we lost contact after we moved from the LA Area, she was our neighbor. I am hoping she still remembers us. But I even have a picture of us. Or Gina if you see this, I would love to hear from you. I have been looking for you forever. I also emailed you too, if you can forward her my email address. Thanks! Gina I still have the CD you autographed for me! We miss you so much!

  13. I need the song - the only one (gotta be) thanks my email if you can send me the mp3 Thousands