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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rumorz - Satisfaction Guaranteed (1991)

Coming off the success of Exposé, producer Lewis A. Martinee decided to put together another female group, this time with four ladies instead of three. Freestyle music had died in popularity by this time however, and despite the fact that the album also included more pop and hip hop elements, the group went nowhere. I could find nothing about Rumorz, until one lucky day one of it's members, Tisha Smith aka Latishea, e-mailed me through a site I contribute to, Discogs, and asked if I could send her a copy of the album! Of course, I asked her about the group and what happened to them. Here is her response: "Basically the group disbanded one year after the release. Atlantic Records didn't really promote the album and we became really popular in Texas but the label wouldn't release any more cd's for anyone to buy so we were dropped in January 1992. I've tried to do a solo career but just couldn't get the right writing and production. I had a baby 7 months ago and am thinking of starting some projects. As for the other 3 girls, China, Sici, and Ellen, I haven't spoken with them ever again. I was a teenager then and they were well in their 20's - early 30's, so our paths didn't cross, I guess because of age difference and locations....but i know Ellen got married and had a baby (she's the blonde). Sici (the dark Italian one) is still in Palm Beach, FL, and China (the other black girl) got married but I'm not sure if she's had a child. And Lewis Martinee' is still doing his thing as far as I know.... I moved from Miami 3yrs ago. I live in Atlanta now so I really have no updates on anyone since then. I would love to see and talk to all of them... I had a good experience with them but again I was a teen and anything was exciting for me whether the failure was bad." I asked her if she thought the reason that the album tanked was because freestyle was no longer popular. Her response: "Yes, you're right, and my being so young at the time, I did try telling them we're in the 90's and this is not what us teens listen to nowadays but they weren't hearing that... So anyways, I will and I do consider myself blessed to have had that experience. All the execs at Atlantic at the time are now moguls in the industry, so who knows, maybe I'll contact them once I get my solo thing going. I have before and they were happy to hear from me. I will update for you as soon as i can..." So there you have it! The album is fantastic, so download it now!

Download Satisfaction Guaranteed

Three Times You're Out
Rhythm Street
What Goes Around Comes Around
I'll Be There (Forever)
Let's Get To It
Tell Me It's A Lie
Isn't It A Shame
Is It Love
Why Oh Why
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Please Don't Stop


  1. WOW!!!!! Because of you I went and bought this album a few years ago. Loved it. That's awesome that you were able to make contact w/ one of the members :)

  2. I know! I would have posted this on Milk Carton Popstars except no one even knows who they are!!

  3. did we really need another "expose"? thats the problem with the music industry, if something is successful, its copied 100 times over. not to disrespect the artists, but its the producer who is really the star. the "singers" are just props. most of them cant sing which is why you never hear from them again.

  4. Hey, thanks again for all these amazing albums!! What's the password for the archive? I can't seem to extract it.

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  7. I went about this album years ago because of you too! LOL. ironically their song "Tell Me It's A Lie" was remade by a another "failed pop star" of more recent times, Eyra Gail.

    I still think it was pretty bold for a girl group in the early 90's to tackle an issue like a undercover gay lover, lol.

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  9. the producers are the one's who got rich. so i guess they just want to duplicate thier success

  10. I did the choreography for Rumorz Show case for Atlantic and these girls worked very hard. We was in the studio daily and I was very proud of them when they got signed. I spent alot of time with them in Lewis martinee's Pantera records studio in Kendal(miami), Fl. If you would Please give tisha my email cause I would like to see how she and the others are doing. They were all great young ladies. Douglas Alex(Twin Effect)

  11. I wrote one of the songs on this record - "Tell Me It's A Lie". I intended it for Exposé but Lewis had this new group he wanted to launch.