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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hiroko - One In A Million (1989)

A search for "Hiroko music" on the internet brings up many Hirokos, but Hiroko Yakushimaru, apparently a well-known actress and singer in Japan, seems the likeliest to be this Hiroko. If so, the heights that Hiroko reached in Japan were far loftier than those in North America. This was her one and only English-language North American release, and to be frank, it tanked! She had a small dance hit with "My Love's Waiting", but her album came and went without much fanfare, though her handlers were obviously hoping to make Hiroko the first internationally famous Japanese pop star. The production was good enough, very Martika-esque (that name just keeps coming up!) and she even worked on a few tracks with funk/disco legend Preston Glass, so expect funky and hi-NRG pop numbers. But Hiroko really needed to get a better grasp of English to perfect her English singing voice if she wanted North American success. Ah well, if it is indeed the same Hiroko, at least she still has a thriving acting career in Japan!

**UPDATE : Thanks to guest gpa, I have learned that this Hiroko is Hiroko Minato, not Yakushimaru. According to gpa, Minato also did some acting before she turned to singeing, but she was not as successful as Yakushimaru. She recorded 5 albums including a remix one. Apparently her father became a millionaire and spent that money to support her career, but that didn't last long. It's rumoured she's still living a wealthy life in Tokyo as an 'ordinary' woman. Thanks for the info gpa!!

Video for My Love's Waiting

Video for Meet Me At Midnight

Download One In A Million

My Love's Waiting
That's How I'm Gonna Love You (24-7-365)
What's It To Ya
Golden Lady
Meet Me At Midnight
You've Got Potential
Never Give Up
One In A Million


  1. is any one really surprised this artist failed? i cant think of one pop import from asia who was successful. actually "pink lady" had a minor disco hit in 1979. what a waste of label money.

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  3. Excitement! I just found the video for My Love's Waiting on YouTube:

  4. And here's the video for "Meet Me At Midnight" :D

  5. Who would have imagined that she had TWO videos from this album! Thanks, as always!! It's now posted!

  6. This "Hiroko" 's family name is "Minato". Not Yakushimaru. Minato also did some acting before released turned to singer but not as successful as Yakushimaru.
    Hiroko Minato recorded 5 albums including remix one. Her father became millionaire and spent that money to surpport her carrer but since the money's gone she's faded. It's rumoured she's still living wealthy life in Tokyo as an ordinary woman.

  7. Consolecharlie/Dream101December 21, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    Found these interesting clips on Youtube of Hiroko performing 'live' remixes of My Love Waiting and 24-7-365.

    She also ended up advertising Casio in Japan with a song from a later album called I Fell Down. Quite a funny video to be honest lol

    Her father is a guy called Kohei Minato and yeah he's a massive millionaire in Japan. Helped her score a No.1 dance hit in the UK though I've no idea with which song!

    Gonna get some more of her albums on CD in the new year - I'll make sure to send them to you!

  8. Consolecharlie/Dream101April 3, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    Hey Nasty G, just wanted to let ya know I've got some good Hiroko treats on the way for you - finally managed to find some of her CDs at a place I could buy them! They should be here in the next week or two!

    I was looking at your post on Liz Torres and I found it amusing since Hiroko also used the same trick - she was publicised as the Queen of House Music lol - Have to wait til I hear the CDS to have a judgement there haha! :D