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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Angelica - Angel Baby (1991)

Another entry, another one-named diva. Once again, little is known about her, but here's what I did find from the AMG Music Guide: "Latin pop diva Angelica was born in Los Angeles, the product of a family of musicians... After winning "Best New Artist" honors [on a] Mexican national talent contest...Angelica began a two-year stint on [a] Spanish-language variety program...her first hit was..."Angel Baby," but she returned to her Latin roots with her self-titled 1997 LP, scoring a hit with "Vaya."" While "Angel Baby" was a minor hit that is revered by some, I'm not a fan. To me, it's a very weak ballad. The rest of the album is fun enough, produced by Michael Eckart and Rod Todd, who also produced Stacey Q and Bardeux, and Joe Ericksen, who worked with this site's debut diva, Bianca. As you may have guessed, the album is pop with hints of hip hop, house, latin and synth-pop, a mixture of styles that create a pleasant enough flavour, but one that didn't linger long enough to get her another English-language record deal, apparantly!

**UPDATE - Yet another delightful Anonymous blogger left a comment on the Bianca - Forever post, on the same day, saying that they knew her! And further, this blogger also worked with and knew Angelica, and is married to producer Michael Eckart!! How exciting is this?! Here's the comment:

"I actually worked on both Angelica and Bianca's albums-(did Angelica's makeup/co-wrote "Club Boy" for Bianca) Read the liner notes- Michael Eckart and Leslie worked on both projects. Michael Eckart of Stacey Q fame is my husband. Vini Bergeman (Mr. Ultra Limousine) was the money/producer/inspiration of both projects. Those were some fun times.
Angelica had a baby shortly after her project was released and was living in east LA somewhere last I heard. I believe Bianca is retired and living the spa life in the desert."

Video for Angel Baby

Download Angel Baby

Time To Jam
Hold On To Your Love
Do It Right
Pretty Face
Your Heartbeat
Coolin' It Out
Nobody In The World
Next 2 U
Three Little Words
Then Came You
Angel Baby
She's Got The Beat


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  2. OMG I totally remember her, and her latin follow up in the late 90s. She's floptastic! Never heard the full album...must download.

  3. awful singer, weak voiced no emotion/depth. flat....match that with a mediocre ballad, and u have a flop on you hands.

  4. Actually Angelica had a very good and strong voice. She was at the mercy of poor material. I know, I was in choir/music classes with her in high school. She should have stayed in spanish or jumped on the Selena explosion as a crossover not as a freestyle/pop dance diva which obviously was the wrong road for her.

  5. Angelica is married for many years now to an Episcopalian priest and very happy, soon to be living in Virginia. Her daughter will be starting college this fall. Her voice is still lovely!

  6. May i request download links please.

  7. I'm glad to hear she is married and happy. I worked with Angelica in a professional capacity when "Angel Baby" was all over commercial radio. She was not happy in that lifestyle, and made some poor choices at the time. She was a very nice kid, and it is great to know there is a happy ending for her outside of the music business.