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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Keedy - Chase The Clouds (1991)

To be fair to Keedy, she did indeed have a top 20 hit with "Save Some Love", a brilliant rollicking pop song, so perhaps she seems out of place here. But her follow-up single "Wishing On The Same Star" (which Myra remade on her album also posted here, and was many years later one of J-Pop star Namie Amuro's biggest hits and a semi-hit for Australian group Girlfriend - thanks michael!) did considerably worse, and she never recorded a follow-up album to her brilliant debut. Yes, I said brilliant. To me, this is almost a perfect pop album. All the right elements are in place - the voice, the tempo, the production. It helps that one of those producers was Michael Jay, who had had a ton of success years before with Martika, among many others. It also helps that Keedy can sing, working beautiful harmonies over often hi-NRG beats. Check out "Never Neverland" for a perfect pop song. And check out the fantastic new interview conducted by my brilliant partner in crime Joe (Bunny!) on Milk Carton Pop Stars for all you ever wanted to know about Keedy and more! The link to the interview is HERE.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Lumel for directing me to a new song by Keedy!  Check out "Make A Smile"!  And thanks to Keedy for visiting and leaving the following comment!  Kisses and hugs back to you!

"Hi all!  Thank you so much for all the kind words and thanks for listening, though out the years!!  Lumel, you are a total sweetheart, thank you for sending people to the new song. You are very cool for doing that!  And yes, Greg Gerard and Micheal Jay are brilliant at what they do. Kisses & Hugs! Keedy"

Video for Save Some Love

Video for Wishing On The Same Star

Download Chase The Clouds

Save Some Love
Wishing On The Same Star
Never Neverland
Only Your Heart
Gettin' Around
Don't Turn Away
Pretty Boy
Lazy Day


  1. NICE!

    I have the "Save Some Love" cassingle and I always wondered what the rest of her stuff sounded like.

    Nasty G has made my day synth-tacular once again!

  2. An Australian girl group called Girlfriend also recorded Wishing On The Same Star and released it as a single. It peaked in the lower 30s of the Australian Top 40 if I remember correctly. Here's their video:

  3. BTW Puerto Rican pop stud Chayanne also recorded a Spanish language version of "Wishing On The Same Star" entiteld "Mi primer amor" back in 1993 I believe.

  4. I just posted the video of Wishing On The Same Star (with the help of Joe/Bomitoni) on YouTube:

  5. Hey there - couldn't email you. Im Kabir and have an album for you. Ana's "Body Language" ripped in high kbps from my own personal copy!!! Please host this wonderful album. It was co produced by Debbie Gibson, and Jordan Knight sings on Angel of Love!!

  6. Certainly 'Save some love' is freakin' spectacular, unfortunately the rest of the tracks of the album sounds so-so or filler to me :(!!!

    Wonderful blog!

  7. I totally agree "Chase th Clouds" is brilliant. Her husband, Greg Gerard was the driving force, writing, arranging & producing the album. If "Never Neverland" or "Pretty Boy" had been released as the 2nd single instead of "Wishing on the Same Star, she would a star & there would have more albums. Sadly, Arista blew the momentum.

  8. I bought Keedy's "Chase The Clouds" LP album way back in December 1991, I just turned 18 during that time. When we moved to another place, the vinyl got scratched and badly cracked and can no longer be played so I decided to buy a cassette copy [there were no available CD copies of the album at the moment during that time]. When our place got flooded, sadly enough the cassette copy got wet and damaged with devastating mud! We moved again in another place and forgot about buying a new copy again of that record! Now after 21 years, i missed listening to that record, which reminds me of my high school days. So I decided to search for it here on the net. But sadly again, I can no longer download it because of some authority issues! What do I do now? I want to have a copy of that record again by downloading so that at least I would not worry if i lose it again in another way by accident if i buy another hard copy of it. My dear blogger, please upload it again using a account. Petabytes of thanks!

    1. Once I find the CD, I will re-upload it when I get a chance, though I can't use 4shared. I will try with Mediafire. ;)

    2. Yes Nasty G, I finally downloaded it from Mediafire! Thanks to lovely Adrianna from the chat box who gave me the valid link. The files are flawlessly high quality, much much better sounding than my mangled LP and cassette copies as far as I can remember as it sounds before! Now I have something to share with my friends who liked Keedy [esp the songs "Save Some Love","Wishing On The Same Star","Never Neverland" & "Don't Turn Away",in our alumni homecoming. Petabytes of thanks again for your time guys! Love ya & peace!

  9. Hi, could you re-upload Keedy (Chase the clouds) and Ana (Body Language), please?

  10. Check out Keedy's new song, "Make A Smile" ;)


  12. Hi all!

    Thank you so much for all the kind words and thanks for listening, though out the years!!

    Lumel, you are a total sweetheart, thank you for sending people to the new song. You are very cool for doing that!

    And yes, Greg Gerard and Micheal Jay are brilliant at what they do.

    Kisses & Hugs!


  13. Nice article about Keedy and Chase the Clouds. Excellent album!! I've collected as much as I could for this-- the CD, LP, cassette, the Japanese version with the bonus Save Some Love (Hot Remix), CD and cassette singles and 45s. The blog mentions there was no follow up. Actually there was a 1996 CD called The Orphans present Keedy - Forever With You. All 12 songs were written by Greg Girard with 4 co-written with Keedy. It's a very good CD, good songs, well worth seeking out.

  14. Is there any way to hear the tracks on "Forever With You" by The Orphans Present Keedy?