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Friday, July 9, 2010

Jamie J. Morgan - Shotgun (1990)

This is another album that I bought on cassette for a dollar, then I barely listened to it and forgot about it. Then a few years ago I popped the cassette in and it wasn't near as innocuous as I'd supposed! So I just acquired the CD to share with y'all! Jamie is another of those artists that still remains an enigma on the internet (though most of the artists I've featured on here eventually resurface a year or two later). Anyway, the first bit of info I can find about him is that he was part of the duo Morgan/McVey. They released a synth-pop song called "Looking Good Diving" in 1986 (see the video here). The song was later remade by Nick Kamen, but it is most notable for the fact that Neneh Cherry was featured on the B-side of the single, on the reworked "Looking Good Diving With The Wild Bunch". She would take the rap she does on that track and have her breakout smash "Buffalo Stance" a couple years later, which Jamie co-wrote. Of course, the 'McVey' in the duo is Cameron McVey, who would later become Neneh's husband and main co-writer, as well as producer of act likes Sugababes and All Saints. In fact, the two co-wrote the lovely track "Mercedes Blue" on this album. Even more interesting, 'The Wild Bunch' mentioned in the title, and who reworked the track, would later go on to form Massive Attack and Soul II Soul. So you know what to expect from this album, as many of the people involved in that posse are involved on this album (including Nellee Hooper, Caron Wheeler, 3D from Massive Attack, and McVey), though the majority of it was produced by new wave producer Richard Mazda, so it has a poppier edge. Jamie's voice isn't terribly strong, but it serves the songs well enough, and the beats are quite good. My fave track is the house jam "She's On It" featuring backing vocals by house divas Jomanda. His first single was a remake of Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" and it featured female rap duo Finesse & Synquis. It was a middling hit in the UK, but the follow up "Rocksteady" barely dented the UK charts. It seems his label Tabu dropped him soon after, and his only other recorded appearance was on A&M Records in 1992 with the house song "Why". I can find nary a thing about his career or whereabouts since. Considering the pedigree of his friends, however, don't be surprised if he pops up again someday.

UPDATE: Yes, another next day update! Thanks Michael for finding out more about Jamie. I had no idea he was a photographer. Here is his bio from this site. Obviously my investigative skills are lacking! LOL

"Jamie Morgan began his career as a photographer. After a short-lived pop career in the 80s as Jamie J Morgan, he became the founder of London's creative collective Buffalo, a group who changed the nature of image-making through its pioneering work in The Face magazine for which he shot more covers than any other photographer.

He also shot album covers for music stars such as Culture Club, Soul II Soul, Neneh Cherry (for whom he co-wrote Buffalo Stance) and many more. He also created campaigns for the likes of Levis and Comme de Garcons.

Jamie progressed to music video direction working with Bush on their US number one hit 'Swallowed'. Since then he has shot many chart topping videos for groups such as Sugababes and Richard Ashcroft. He has recently completed a series of six fashion / art films for Givenchy designer Ozwald Boateng. These beautiful, emotive films are to feature as part of a major documentary for Sundance Channel on the designer.

He has also shot several short films, including a powerful portrait study of young Thai boxers, and an art documentary on artist Andy Goldsworthy which was in official selection at the Florence Film Festival 2006.

2007 has seen the culmination of Jamie's talent as a director with his debut feature film 'The Workshop', a provocative and personal documentary / drama, exploring sexuality and the human need for self-discovery."

Video for Walk On The Wild Side

Download Shotgun


Walk On The Wild Side

Could You Be That Girl

Third World Man

I'm No Angel

Rock Steady


She's On It

Mercedes Blue

Blind Love

Gangster Boogie

Heaven Can Wait

Walk On The Wild Side (The Wild Mix By David Morales)


  1. I recalled him being a photographer before his stint in music, so I googled "Jamie Morgan Photographer" and found this:

  2. Thanks so much! I had no idea! You're awesome!

  3. You're welcome, my pleasure.

  4. Many of the people who worked behind the scenes on this album would go on to form Massive Attack a year or two after this album's release.

  5. Gosh any chance of the album being reuploaded. I'm a massive fan of Morgan McVey 'Looking Good Diving' and would love to hear this album.

  6. The Megaupload, Depositfiles and Zshare links all still work;. ;)

  7. Ok I'm an idiot who can't scroll down. This blog is amazing.

  8. Just Letting Everyone Know The Last Track Is Not The Extended Mix. Its The (Moralis Mix) The Extended Version Time Frame is 6:06.

    1. Oops, you're right. The tracklisting was taken from the wrong source. ;)

    2. Do You Have The Extended mix??? I have been looking for it. Jamie J Morgan WOTWS 12'' is really hard to find online. There was one link online but it was dead.