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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Robey - Robey (1985)

I meant to post this last week on Canada Day, but I got a bit too heavy into the wine and then it was Pride weekend and I got even heavier into the sauce, so I only got to it now. LOL This album come courtesy of Isle fan Robert, which is awesome as it was on my want list and it is so perfect for this blog. Thanks SO much again, Robert! :) The story goes that Louise Robey was born in Montreal, though she moved to Europe and attended a boarding school in Scotland. She was discovered sunbathing on the French Riviera by a famous photographer, which led to modeling for many high profile fashion magazines. She had a passion for music, however, and while busking on the streets of Paris, she was discovered yet again, this time by the head of CBS Records France. She was asked to front a ska band, Louise & The Creeps, and they moved to New York in 1980, but broke up before they signed a deal. Staying in New York, she went back to modeling but also studied acting and dance. However, CBS was still interested and they signed her to a deal on their Silver Blue label in 1984. Dropping her first name, she released the double-sided single "Hungry For You Boy / Be Mine (Be My Baby)", to little attention. Then she recorded a version of the song "One Night In Bangkok" from the musical Chess. It reached #77 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a dance hit, though a version by Murray Head became a Billboard top ten hit the same year. She released her Joel Diamond produced self-titled dance-pop album the next year along with the singles "Killer Instinct" and "Moth To A Flame" (and "Tighter Tighter" in Australia), though they were only minor dance hits. She also appeared in the movie The Money Pit that same year. She signed to Chrysalis Records in 1986 but only managed to release one more single, "I Surrender". (She also appeared on the song "Flight Of The Phoenix" with Cerrone in 1987.) For many, that could have been the end of their fame and fortune, but Robey moved to Los Angeles and continued to study acting and improv comedy. This helped her snag the lead role in the syndicated television show Friday the 13th: The Series (not based on the movies, BTW) in 1987. The show lasted for three seasons (and will always be remembered fondly by me, especially for the episode that starred my goddess Vanity. It was a life changer!). After the show ended Robey continued acting in small parts and studying. She also wrote children's books and took up photography. She married, had a child, divorced, and remarried. She now lives in France and is still recording music, some of which you can buy on iTunes. Check out her website and Myspace page for more. Most excitingly, she apparently plans to release the "Louise Robey Music Anthology (1979-2010) The Essential Collectors Edition" in the future, which indicates she possesses never before heard music from very early in her career! This post will have to suffice until then. (BTW, this download is actually taken from the CD reissue of the album from 1996 titled One Night In Bangkok.)

UPDATE: Yes, I ALREADY have an update for this post, and I just posted it yesterday! Louise's manager and friend, F. Lauver, wrote to fill us in on more of her bio as well as her current happenings and whereabouts. Sadly, her husband died recently and she is in mourning. We send our love. But she is indeed working on new music, and you can go to the Lauver Management Myspace page for much more info. She also has a Facebook page.  Please also read Mr. Lauver's comments in the comments section here. I'd repost them here, but they are very lengthy. ;) Thanks again, "F.". Much appreciated.

Robey is also featured on an amazing new dance song by Lovari entitled "Take It To The Top".  Listen to it and download it for FREE NOW!!

Video for One Night In Bangkok

Download Robey

Turn My Head
The Right Combination
One Night In Bangkok
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
Killer Instinct
Tighter, Tighter
Bored And Beautiful
Moth To A Flame


  1. Oooh, very cool post. Thanks for this!

  2. What an interesting career, thanks for that. Ha, I watched that Vanity episode of Friday the 13th recently, didn't know you loved her so much. Have you ever read Nikki Sixx's book The Heroin Diaries? I just read it for the Vanity content, which was interesting and amusing.

  3. Well done! For the international cult following of "Friday the 13th: The Series," and it's gorgeous red haired star, Louise Robey, which is still airing on networks such as Chiller and Syfy, the show still commands an international fan base. All 70 episodes from three seasons are finally available on DVD. As personal manager, I accompanied Louise last October near NYC for her very first autograph appearance in 15 years at the bi-annual Chiller convention. Seated right beside film legend Mickey Rooney and among several other blasts from past and present--Tia Carrere, Richard Dreyfuss, Elvira, Patrick Stewart, Ann Margaret, Linda Blair, and about 60 others--Louise commanded a busy autograph table.
    Possibly the primary reason Louise disappeared for so long was her marriage to England's Earl of Burford. Their son, James, is heir to the title and eventually the title of Duke of St. Alban. But Louise was disillusioned in her dreams of retiring from show business and living happily ever after among the British noble class in a castle far, far away. The truth is the upper class never accepted Louise as one of their own. Snobbery still reins and the "rock and roll" actress as the tabloids relentlessly proclaimed was usually seated near the servants' entrance during formal dinners. There are other reasons for which I will not disclose, but the bottom line is, while her son will still inherit the Earl's family legacy that dates back to King Charles II, Louise decided to return to music.
    Fast forward to a visit to New York and hooking up with a friend of two decades, famous photographer Stan Shaffer. Stan photographed Louise for many of her covers and magazine layouts. Due to the negligence of Stan's accountant, who is deceased and apparently kept the money that should have paid Stan's taxes, Stan lost his $2 million flat in West Manhattan to New York tax authorities and moved to a very rural area of France to join Louise, who since then has been living in a small house on the estate of her parents.
    In March of 2008, Stan and Louise were married. With Stan, being a mover and shaker, he called on a number of friends to help Louise achieve new ambitions. Louise went to work on writing music, and Stan spent his spare time working on a book about his career. For the new songs on the compilation album, Stan called upon his friend Phil Harding who has produced hits for Bananarama, Depeche Mode, Basia, and the Pet Shop Boys, among others. Phil told me that he believes Louise's song, "A Woman Scorned" is certain to be an international hit. If you want to hear the latest mix of the song, go to

    Tragically, Stan died June 10th in France of a sudden heart attack at age 65. His death could not have happened at a worse time. Stan has been the rudder for Louise's jump back into music and Louise new album is nearing release; Stan's book of career images, "You Should Have Been With Me," with a forward by Eileen Ford, is due to be released in the U.S. on September 15, now without Stan to do the book tour and a certain cancellation of a photo exhibit that had been scheduled for Paris.
    But Louise has always been a survivor. She has faced off against agents who ripped her off, marriages that fell apart and now widowed, having arms broken twice, once by an abusive boyfriend, and a couple of years ago, in a fall. She is still feisty, still charismatic, still has her gorgeous mane of red hair, and is still very beautiful. Ironically, just days before Stan's death, I received a movie script from an interested producer who wants Louise to play the heroine in a horror movie, pending raising the cash for the film. I don't think you've heard the last from Louise, but there is certain to be a little time now, understandably, for her to grieve the loss of Stan and regroup.
    F. Lauver
    Personal Manager to Louise Robey

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  6. Thanks so much for your very speedy update, F. Lauver. I hope that you and she don't mind that I posted this. It is a tribute to a very hard to find album, and lovely and talented lady. Nice to hear from someone who works with her directly and knows her well. So sad to hear about her husband. Hope she's doing well. And I'll be first in line to buy her new music! Thanks again!!

  7. Wow, great to have an album by her. I'll always remember her from the "Friday the 13th" series. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Could you re-upload the file? It doesn't seem to work and I would love to give this album a listen. Thanks!

  9. DJ Digital, most of the links still work except the Rapidshare and Hotfile links. ;)

  10. Louise Robey's Music Anthology: Part 1 (1979-2009) is out now. The collection inclues her hits One Night in Bangkok, Killer Instinct, Flight of the Phoenix and many unreleased tracks!

    Part 2 will be out in spring 2012.

    Support the artists, buy the album, and like/share her pages/video!

    Louise's Fan Page:

    Video of Louise and the Creeps (1979):

  11. Download doesn't work

  12. i'd like one night in

  13. Hi, Excellent website. I loved Robey in the tv series Friday The 13th (originally titled The 13th Hour was changed to help sell the show to networks). After listening to this album my hope for Robey and her fans is that with the release on itunes she can re-emerge onto the music scene with the energy that is missing from today's artists. Thanks for the upload and iformation.