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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lazet Michaels - Too Strong (1991)

My 300th post! And it's been almost three years since I started this blog! Whew! Anyway, I bought this cassette when it was released solely because of the cover. It looked like it would be some sort of funky house album. While there is little in the way of house music on it, it is quite funky. Like the Jamie J. Morgan album, I barely listened to it at the time, but I just got the CD from eBay and it is actually better than I remembered. Though the vocals at times seem out of sync with the music, Lazet does have a very strong voice. She grew up in Detroit and then moved to New York to finish college and get her career going. She performed off-Broadway and did session work for several artists including Skyy and Diana Ross. She soon signed to EMI, but was then bought by new label Zoo Entertainment, an offshoot of BMG. Her first single was the funky "Krazē", and it made only a minor impact in the R&B world and dance clubs. Her second single was the ballad "Give Me All The Love", and it also failed to generate any heat. It seems Zoo dropped her soon after, and like so many session singers before her, she faded into the background once again. However, Lazet had another passion - fitness. She moved back to Detroit and became a fitness trainer. This eventually led to her opening her own fitness center, Lazet's Place. It also led to her own television show, Working Out With Lazet, which is shown at 5:30 AM (!) every morning on the Word Network, a national Christian station. She is also a 'Minister Of Music' and returned to recording, releasing a solo gospel album, Pressing Forward, in 2005. So here we have another act that may have failed initially in the music world, but thanks to perseverance and other talents, she has maintained a healthy and successful career, with the ability to record whenever she chooses. Many artists on the Isle could take a lesson from her example.

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Beggar For Your Kisses

Too Strong

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My Rage



Blue Suede Shoes

Give Me All The Love

Summer In Paradise

Over And Over

Midnight Magic

Can't Imagine Being Without You

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