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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Veronique - The Good, The Bad & The Funky (1991)

The one thing I can tell you about Veronique is that her one and only album (and I’m assuming here, as I have no idea what her last name is and whether she released music using a different moniker) is fabulous! I picked this album up with a ton of others from a delete bin when I was visiting Daytona Beach many moons ago. I went hog wild that day, grabbing more than a plane would allow, as the bins were full of American CDs that were never even imported to Canada, and they were dirt cheap. Of all the albums I grabbed that day, this one quickly emerged as my favourite. I had noticed that Veronique’s remake of Patrice Rushen’s “Forget Me Nots” was in the lower end of the Billboard Hot 100, but I had never heard the song and didn’t give her much thought. But when I threw this on, I instantly became a fan and fell into the pop-house groove that permeates the album. “Forget Me Nots” is nice, but the rest of the album originals are even better. Pleasant vocals over smooth house beats with trippy elements and a pop sensibility. Fantastic, and almost progressive! Her producers were unknown and like Veronique didn’t become popular or famous, which is too bad, as this album showed a lot of promise in everyone involved. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Wow! Veronique HERSELF wrote in my comments (as well as her friend and family members)!! What a thrill, especially as she is one of my faves on here, yet I know little about her. Here is her comment. Loads of love to her and her posse. ;)

"This is crazy I was just with my friend Michelle and I was telling her about this time in my life. Thank you for the positive review! I too enjoyed this Album and had great times while it lasted. I am still singing and have been successful in performing Pop Jazz. Thanks Again VERONIQUE"

UPDATE #2:  Thanks to a tip from an anonymous visitor, you can go to Veronique's (whose last name is Della-Bruna) bio on the website of the Center For Spiritual Learning in Santa Rosa, California, to discover more about her musical journey beyond this album!

Video for Forget Me Nots

Download The Good, The Bad & The Funky

Forget Me Nots
The Good, The Bad & The Funky
Big Blue Green
Ooo Ahh
The Beat That Shook The World
Here Comes Trouble
Stay A Little While
Method Of Groove
Don't Stop The Music


  1. i am barely on song #1 and am already loving it!!! how did this pass me by all these years????

    did 'men in black' by will smith rip off the chorus of 'forget me nots'??? or is it just me...

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  3. she did release another album and richard carpenter produced it. it was only released in japan in '89

  4. Actually, that was not the same Veronique. I have the album you're talking about. It was by Veronique Beliveau, who is a French Canadian singer. ;)

  5. oh my god I'm here with her right now!!! She is a knew friend of mine and just now told me about this time in her life. So we looked it up and to our surprise all these sites popped up! Unbeievable! She lives in Santa Rosa Ca. and is still singing. Please respond this is amazing!! Michelle

  6. This is crazy I was just with my friend Michelle and I was telling her about this time in my life. Thank you for the positive review! I too enjoyed this Album and had great times while it lasted. I am still singing and have been successful in performing Pop Jazz. Thanks Again VERONIQUE

  7. umm yaa thats my joke

  8. Oh my GOD!! How exciting is this??? I am honoured that you noticed! As I said, I adore this album and it is, no lying, one of my fave albums ever!!! Yet I know nothing about you and your career. I even tracked down your single "Come To Me" (that is you, right?) because I needed more Veronique! I would love to know more about you, as in your past before recording this and what you've done since. Do you have any other releases? A website or Myspace or Facebook? I'd LOVE to know more, so if you have the desire and time, please e-mail me at and I will update your post here. MANY people on here have enjoyed this album a lot, and it is one of the only ones on this blog that I play regularly at home. Thanks a ton to all of you for writing!! This is one of the best things about doing this blog!

  9. Haha this is funny, she's my aunt. Haha!

  10. Honestly, I'd been looking all over for this album. My brother was a DJ back in '91 and got a promo tape of this album. It was one of my favorite albums in my childhood. I couldn't believe this never made it big. It was such a classic album. Thanks for helping me find an old favorite of mine!

  11. btw, my favorite tracks on the album was, is, and always will be: "Memories" and "Here Comes Trouble". ;-)

  12. FYI:

  13. gr8 songs , amazing voice and very beautiful.