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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kym Sims - Too Blind To See It (1992)

Kym Sims was one of the top requests on this blog, so her feature her was a must. Surely everyone knows Kym's hit "Too Blind To See It", a top ten hit almost everywhere except North America, where it just reached the Billboard Top 40 at #38. Kym moved to California shortly after high-school and was doing back-up vocals at Motown and singing commercial jingles when she hooked up with popular house producer Steve "Silk" Hurley, who was fresh off success with Ce Ce Peniston. Like previous postees Jamie Loring, Malaika and Tené Williams, Kym wanted the sound that made Ce Ce a hit. And she got it in spades. But unlike fellow Hurley-ites Tene, Malaika and fellow postee D'Bora, Kym had a unique style. It helped that she was a songwriter herself, and was behind two of Ce Ce's hits, "We Got A Love Thang" and "Keep On Walkin'" (as well as songs by Jamie and Tené). And her voice was unique, higher and 'poppier', but capable of a soulful diva wail as well. Her album is a solid house and R&B scorcher. She had another top 20 hit in the UK (and hit #86 on the Billboard Hot 100) with "Take My Advice" (which samples underground dance classic "For The Same Man" by B Beat Girls), but follow up "A Little Bit More" didn't fare as well. Then she, like so many others on the Isle, disappeared. She returned to the dance charts a couple of times years later with the brilliant anthem "I Must Be Free" and "We Gotta Love", and released the MP3 only "Just Can't Get Enough". And apparently she showed up performing with Busta Rhymes and Tone Loc on the Early Show in 1999. But little has been heard from her recently, and this is one diva who deserves the spotlight again, as we, her rabid public, demand a little bit more!

UPDATE (May 2013): An anonymous poster just informed me that Kym is BACK!!  She has a new website and an amazing new song, "Good Morning"!  Kym, I can assure you that everyone here is thrilled to have you back and in rare form! :)  Here are links to her sites and songs:

Video for Good Morning

Buy "Good Morning" at CD Baby

Kym's Website

Kym on Twitter

Kym on Facebook

Video for Too Blind To See It

Video for Take My Advice

Video for A Little Bit More 

Download Too Blind To See It

Too Blind To See It
Take My Advice
A Little Bit More
Take Me To The Groove
One Look
I Found Love
Shoulda Known Better
In My Eyes
Never Shoulda Let You Go
I Can't Stop
Too Blind To See It (Soul Mix)


  1. I loved "Too Blind to See It" when it first came out! She should've been bigger than what she was.

  2. Thanx for coming back !

  3. I adore Kym! It's nice to see her get some much deserved lovin' on this fabulous site!

  4. One Look is magically brilliant!

  5. Thanks for this. I bought all the singles & always wanted to hear this album.

  6. thanks to, I've found your webblog!
    Left a comment on the GODDESS post!

  7. Have you heard Cleo Higgins (Ex-lead singer of Cleopatra) version of Too Blind To See It? Its amazing...

    Here the link for the YouTube Video... Id love to have it as a MP3 somehow

  8. Awesome! I didn't know she was recording again, and she even has a song with Foxy Brown! Cool!

  9. WOW! Just 2 weeks ago I was at an old vinyl store asking about her. I have the 2 cassette singles that were released here Too Blind To See It & Take My Advice. I LOVEd the b-side to TMA called Take Me To The Groove. THANX so much for posting this. This has been hard to find!!

  10. I love Cleos version =D and the Foxy song too x

  11. I remember Kym. I never understood that "Just Can't Get Enough" song though. Was that a failed "comeback". I remember having a remix of the song on a promotional disc back in the day.

  12. Hey how are you? Can you reupload kym sims - too blind to see it! I would really apreciate it!

  13. Ndini Chihwa BongaMarch 11, 2013 at 4:47 AM

    Hello there!May you please reupload Kym Syms, link is dead AGAIN! Thanks for a wonderful blog.... Sparks up some major nostalgia!

  14. KYM SIMS is back with a NEW track called "Good Morning." Available at:

    Check out her new single and be sure to visit her website and show your support. Thanks!




    1. Amazing!!! LOVE the new song! How exciting to have Kym back!! (I'm reposting these links in the main post. :)

  15. Here's a sneak peek at Kym Sims - Good Morning (Soulfunktion Deep Vocal Mix) at:

    P.S. The track seems to be doing well in the U.K.! Be sure to show your support at

  16. Good News...the remixes were just added to the official site at;!music/csxp

    Good Morning (Soulfunktion Deep Vocal Mix)
    Good Morning (Cristopher Ross Remix)
    Good Morning (Paul Hawkins Fluid Mix)


    P.S. Be sure to post which version you prefer at

    Again, thanks for your support.

  17. Visit the KYM SIMS FANS Facebook Page at:

    Check out Kym Sims latest single, 'One Of Those Nights.'
    Legendary house music songstress Kym Sims, revered for her unforgettable vocal performances on the Steve 'Silk' Hurley produced house music classics "Too Blind To See It" and "Take My Advice" released in 1991 and 1992 respectively, returns with a true underground house music gem produced by Deep Elementz. The breathtaking "One Of Those Nights" combines Kym Sims unmistakable deeply rooted vocals with Deep Elementz beloved pristine utterly soulful underground flavored house rhythms and supremely melodious keys... the result is a truly mind-blowing deep n' soulful house music gem oozing with an enchanting underground-esque vibe guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.
    (Mike Fossati,

    Go to:

  18. Sweet! :)
    Thank you so very much! ;)

  19. THE KYM SIMS FANSITE is now open in conjunction with the release of the new single, 'Wit My Life.' With all the new projects ahead we felt this was the time to do it.

    Kym is ready to 'make a scene in 2015' and we hope you are all ready for the exciting ride ahead......'u betta hear what I'm sayin!'

    Go to:

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