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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Banderas - Ripe (1991)

Banderas was a British duo comprised of vocalist Caroline Buckley and violinist/musician Sally Herbert. They formed after working with Jimmy Sommerville's group the Communards. Their one and only album was produced by American Stephen Hague, who had had huge success producing British synth bands like OMD, Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Erasure, among many others. The sound was very much in the vein of those - danceable, sometimes funky synth-pop, with some trip-hoppy slower numbers. The real difference is Caroline's vocals, which are both ethereal and soulful, and the lyrics, which are very positive and uplifting. The first single "This Is Your Life" (which samples the fabulous Grace Jones' "Crack Attack") was a top 20 pop hit in the UK and top 40 dance hit in the US. The follow-up singles "She Sells" and "May This Be Your Last Sorrow" did not fare nearly as well, and though the album made the British top 40, the duo was largely ignored. It's likely that their image, that of two older, shaven headed and very androgynous women, was not what the audience associated with or wanted from female dance artists at the time, the majority of which were very young and sexualized. The two continued to work with Sommerville, and Sally has appeared and several albums since, both playing violin and doing string arrangements. Caroline has kept a lower profile (though a girl with the same name appeared on the first season of Pop Idol in a classically bad performance). According to one site, Sally is working with Caroline on writing some new songs, so who knows, we may hear more from them still. For now, download this lovely album, especially if you like previous postees Waterlillies.

Video for This Is Your Life (UK Version)

Video for This Is Your Life (US Version)

Video for She Sells

Download Ripe

This Is Your Life
The Comfort Of Faith
May This Be Your Last Sorrow
First Hand
Why Aren't You In Love With Me?
She Sells
Too Good
Don't Let That Man
It's Written All Over My Face
Never Too Late


  1. I've had this CD for a long time, and it's a really excellent choice to post here. "This Is Your Life" is a wonderful song, both life-affirming and melancholy, like life itself.

  2. Excellent post!
    Thank you very much!!!

  3. I remember that I picked this up at the Half Price Books & Records on Northwest Highway in Dallas back in the Fall of 1991. I loved "This Is Your Life" and "She Sells," but I played "Why Aren't You in Love with Me?" incessantly. It was also released as a promo single here in the U.S.

  4. i was looking so long for this album ... and finally found it here

    1000 x thanks :)

  5. 'IT'S WRITTEN ALL OVER MY FACE' = one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Period.

  6. the girls were before there time.both excellent to listen to.should try again with a re release.

  7. Agree, the girls were before their time and should definitely release an album today. I had this album when it was first released and played it non-stop. It "disappeared" during a move and I've often thought of replacing it. Now I have and what a joy!

  8. Whare is Caroline now? so gorgeous! what a talent! fab voice and Scotts to boot.

  9. This is one of the best albums in any decade. Ethereal and beautiful vocals, stunningly beautiful songs. Oh if they only recorded more....


  11. She sells and Comfort of Faith are also excellent!
    Scandinavian Swede

  12. One of the 90's most underated albums/talented female acts to come out of the uk at the time. Damn shame they weren't more widely accepted. Pleasure to listen to this album again....Happy Dayz :)

  13. Hi have been trying to locate bandaras Ripe for my wife hope you can help many thanks mark

    1. Do you mean the physical CD? If you just want the songs, the link to download the album is above. ;)

  14. Thanks for this! I found this post after downloading a much poorer quality rip from another blog. Your rip is top-notch!

  15. one of my Favourite albums of all time. Great [Madonna esque] vocals, fantastic melodies & lyrics. Hav it on cassette from my student days. Just need to get the CD for the car then its Max the car as well as the house. in fact I might just go for a drive to nowhere to listen to this album after discovering it on YouTube this weekend HAPPY DAYS!! Good job by neighbour's away as its full volume via Bluetooth at the moment. I'd be sooo happy to find them touring Jx

  16. I don't know where to post it but would it be possible to get Yazz"s albums please ? Many thanks in advance.