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Friday, April 24, 2009

Temper Temper - Temper Temper (1991)

Temper Temper was a British soul-pop duo consisting of beautiful vocalist Melanie Williams and musician/producer Eric Gooden, of house group Sweet Mercy. They originally released a freestyle single on Geffen called "Showdown" in 1987 as No Sovereign, but it was not a hit.  After they pursued a more soulful sound and renamed themselves Temper Temper, they were snatched up by Virgin Records, as their sound was in vogue at the time, thanks mainly to the popularity of acts like Lisa Stansfield and Soul II Soul and their dancey neo-soul sound. Their first single "Talk Much" was a minor hit in the UK and reached the Top 100 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip Hop chart. They also put in a bid for the theme song to the TV show Miami Vice with "Lovers And Gamblers", but lost out to Jan Hammer's now classic instrumental. Their follow-up singles "Don't Wanna Have To Ask You", "It's All Outta Lovin' You" and "Like We Used To" were met with a resounding silence, however. While the neo-soul sound was hot when they were signed, by the time they released the album and singles, the sound was on it's way out. A couple years later Melanie would hit the British top ten as the vocalist on Sub Sub's (who later found greater success as Doves) song "Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)". This led to a solo album in 1994 called Human Cradle, also produced by Gooden, and a more upbeat soul sound, and she released three singles that were very minor British pop hits, though the remixes garnered attention in the dance clubs. Gooden also kept active with Sweet Mercy and had a few dance club hits over the next few years. Nothing much more was heard from Melanie until 2001, when she formed the duo Darkflower with Gooden's friend and frequent collaborator Joe Roberts, whom Melanie had recorded a successful duet with and soon started dating. They then added a third member around 2006, Daniel Davidson, and pursued a more alterna-soul sound, renaming themselves Bodhi.

Video for Like We Used To

Video for It's All Outta Lovin' You

Download Temper Temper

Talk Much
First Impressions
Like We Used To
Don't Wanna Have To Ask You
Happy Days
It's All Outta Lovin' You
Stop On By
Sweet As Can Be
Beg Or Plead


  1. I found the clip on you tube


  2. I bought this album as second handed about 14 years ago, still remember the song "beg or plead", nice to see your review and know their history. Thank you.

  3. free albun please

  4. .... and 2 years later, it's down again :( can you please re-up?

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    1. Hi Nasty G, link seems no longer exist. Reupload would be great.
      Thank you very much for the blog.