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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tycie & Woody - Tycie & Woody (1991)

Here's some more tasty pop-rap for you! Tycie and Woody are Tycie Person and Wallace Wood. Tycie is the female rapper while Woody, well, I guess he does the music? The credits on the CD don't mention it, but since he is part of the duo's name, I imagine that's what he does, as he doesn't do vocals. Anyway, this came out when rap was exploding and labels were snatching up any act they could find, the poppier the better. There are also tastes of hip-house here, the popularity of which would soon come to an end. That might explain why the duo came and went so quickly. Their one and only single, "The Rhythm's Gonna Get You" is a fun dose of hip-house, with vocals by gospel singer Carol Hall. It's very much like the C+C Music Factory sound that was the rage at the time. But it didn't chart, and obviously Elektra decided not to bother promoting the album any further. I can find no further info on the duo, but I believe Tycie is on Facebook. I don't want to harrass her, but if someone else wishes to... ;) The album is more notable for the production work of The Funky Bass Brothers aka F.B.T or Mark & Jeff Bass. This was their first major production job, and it would be a long time before they re-emerged. But re-emerge they did in 1992, and in a big way, after hearing an unknown white rapper named Eminem freestyle on the radio and inviting him into the studio for free sessions. They produced much of his first album and the rest is history.

Download Tycie & Woody

The Rhythm's Gonna Get You
Red Hot Mama
Get Up And Do It
Sophisticated Lady
To Take The Stand
My Point Of View
The Drama
Woody's Dream
Poetical Princess

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