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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buffy - First Love (1996)

So, it seems due time to offer up another gem to my freestyle fanatics. Buffy is Buffy Salongo, a Filipino (or Pinay) beauty, cutely named after the character in the 70's TV show Family Affair. She was discovered singing at a friend's wedding by Dadgel Atabay, a frequent collaborator of freestyle king Stevie B. He soon started up his own label, Velocity Records, and asked Buffy to record a song he wrote, "Give Me...A Reason". The result was so successful that the song even managed to make it into the Billboard Top 100, to number 78. This was despite that fact that, along with the song being released on an indie label, freestyle had long been out of favour with the public. Yet she seemed to strike at the right time, as freestyle was having a brief resurgence thanks to acts like Planet Soul, Jocelyn Enriquez and previous postee Lina Santiago. She soon followed her hit up with a full album. (Fans of slain Tejano pop singer Selena will want to check out "I Miss You", which is a tribute to her.) More singles were released, such as "No One" and "2 Find U", but their popularity remained solely in the few freestyle circles that still existed. Buffy decided to leave Dadgel and his label in 1998 for personal reasons, which was perhaps a bad move, as nothing has been heard from her since. But should freestyle have yet another massive resurgence, she will no doubt be at the forefront, as she was definitely one of the favoured 'new school' freestyle artists.

Download First Love

Give Me...A Reason
No One
2 Find U
It's Your Love
I Miss You
First Love
Gotta Believe
Give Me (At-A-Ballad)
No One (Matador Mix)
No One (Boy Meets Girl Mix)


  1. I have been search for some more information on Miss Buffy here for a very long time. Thank you!!!

  2. I don't think any of the links work :(

  3. Hi Ya!
    I think the link is invalid. Can you upload it again, please? Thanks!

  4. Buffy rocks..i knew her xboyfriend kurt k. Does anyone know wat happend to him?

  5. Yo, THANK YOU for this upload. I used to have this CD back in the day and it was one of my favorite freestyle albums. However I must have lent it out/lost it at some point and I have since missed hearing it. Great songs!

  6. Hello, would you please upload the songs again? Thank you very much for your time!