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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New School - New School (2003)

New School is a collective of singers masterminded by Canadian producer Adam H. Though described at the time as something new, the sound is very much the pop of the time: Britney, Backstreet Boys, et al. The two constant members aside from Adam were female singers A.J. and Strawberry. The first single, "Back In The Day", which used a sample from Spandau Ballet's hit "True", was a local hit in their native Vancouver. They even got a grant to film a video, which featured J Lo's ex Cris Judd. The song apparently had some success nationally, and two other singles were released from the album, "What You Gonna Do About You" and "Misunderstood", but met with little success. Two non-album singles, "The Sweetest Christmas" and "Alright", also failed to get much attention, and it would appear that the group ceased to exist. They do still have a Myspace site HERE however. Adam H has continued to produce successful pop and R&B acts as part of production team The BananaToons (and even worked with previous postee Max-A-Million) and runs a label, RockSTAR Music Corp., whose last national success was pop starlette Elise Estrada.

Download New School

Keep It On The Hush
Back In The Day
Come Back Home
Feet On The Ground
The Rest Of Always
What You Gonna Do About You
Freaky Girl
Bigger Than The Both Of Us
Every Other Day
Got Me Open
Turn To Me
Back In The Day (Remix)


  1. I actually looked into their old website. It doesn't exist anymore, but it's still in the web thing. Just plug in thia address and the old pages can still be viewed
    The page was up until 2005 or so. I stumbled into their posts that was posted on July of 2004 that said "Alright" was going to be on an upcoming follow-up album, but that never came to be. It was playing on local radio around the same time. For anyone looking fort their self-titled 2003 album, it can still be purchased from Maximum Music Group online store. (

  2. Hello! I love your blog, keep up the good work! :)

    I have the "Starz - Party" album, but not track 14. I uploaded it for you anyway- 13 tracks is better than none, right? ;) Don't know if you have it yet or not. It's in 128 kbps, wma files (unfortunately) and it includes covers.

    I remember seeing them live in Oslo Spektrum in late 90s. They were the warm-up band for Backstreet Boys, lol. I used to like them then, but they were too short-lived.

  3. Thank you SO much for the Starz album!! It is quite rare. I thought I'd never find it! You rock! :)

  4. Does anyone have an mp3 of "The Sweetest Christmas"? I've been looking for it for the past three Christmases :(

  5. I'm also looking for "The Sweetest Christmas",CD or any kind of download. It's a terrific, peppy, fun Christmas song. Hopefully someone has it??

  6. Could you re-upload this album please

  7. Could you re-upload this album please

  8. No wonder they didn't succeed, look at what a scam artist Adam H. is.

  9. Hi Nasty. Great Site. Would it be possible for another re-up? Thanks