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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maureen - Take It From Me (1991)

I'm baaaack! Had a great time in Amsterdam, and while there and in Belgium, I did manage to find a few second-hand music stores. And yes, I also managed to grab some delights for the Isle! The one I was most excited with was this album. It was on my wanted list and was near impossible to find anywhere on the internet, and there it was in a small store in Antwerp, Belgium, for one euro! Heaven! Anyway, I cannot find much info on Maureen. I do know that her full name is Maureen Walsh, and that she recorded with British group Bomb The Bass in their early days, performing lead vocals on one of their best known songs, "Say A Little Prayer". She released a house single "Don't Fight The Music" (featured on Lost Pop Treasures) in 1989, which soon led to a deal with Polydor affiliate Urban Records. This is where the album was born. She released the upbeat house numbers "Where Has All The Love Gone", "It's My Life" and "Don't Hold Back" as singles, and also the ballad "Mesmerise Me", but all only reached the lower end of the British top 100. Her biggest success from the album was her remake of Sister Sledge's "Thinking Of You", a Soul II Soul-ish track that reached number 11 on the British charts. Then, aside from a guest appearance on Soul II Soul's 1997 album Time For Change on the tracks "Thank You" and "I Feel Love", she seemingly disappeared from the music scene, . The album isn't quite as good as I expected as there are several mid-tempo R&B tracks and I was expecting a full-on house album, but it's an enjoyable listen none-the-less. Download it now and appreciate a lost diva! (More treats to come soon. ;)

Download Take It From Me

Where Has All The Love Gone
Thinking Of You
Love Conquers All
It's My Life
Mesmerise Me
Never Say No
I'll Fight It
Don't Hold Back
Twilight Zone
Lies & Deception


  1. I bought this album when it was released in 91, and it became one of my favourites. Then I had a break in at my house, and most of my cd collection was gone.I have mananged to get back most of the stuff that were stolenm, but not this cd. The label has folded I think. But now I found a copy at ebay, and It's on the way to me. I just can't wait. Thanks for the storyline here.

  2. Thank you very much.....god boess you....i have been looking for this album for ages.....but finaly found it