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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pocket Size - 100% Human (1999)

Here is an album I've had for years but never really listened to until recently. Pocket Size is the British duo of musician/producer Darren Pearson and singer Liz Overs. They grew up and performed together in the town of Eastbourne. Darren eventually headed to London to try to further his music career while Liz stayed back and joined several local bands. Eventually the two got together again and decided to go for it as a duo. Their demos were impressive enough to get attention from a major label, Atlantic. Their first single, "Walking", got a major push thanks to remixes (like so many other Isle acts) by heavy hitters like Soul Solution. The song leapt to number one on the Billboard dance charts. The album is nothing like those remixes, though, which likely left the album's listeners confused. The album is pure acoustic pop music, similar to early Everything But The Girl, but with more upbeat numbers and electronic flourishes. It's breezy, sunny day pop. Two other much less successful singles, "Human Touch" and "Squashy Lemon Squeezy," were released, and the duo seemingly vanished. They apparently renamed themselves Baby Jupiter, but no recorded works were released. It is rumoured that they still preside on the coast of England and are recording new material.

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment from the band themselves, we now know that they are preparing a new album!  Check out their Facebook page for more!

Video for Walking

Video for Squashy Lemon Squeezy

Download 100% Human

Human Touch
Shaking The Tree
Make A Sound
Death Of Me
Stay Till The End
Squashy Lemon Squeezy
Miles & Miles
Tell Me Who
Know Nothing
Jessye' Lisabeth


  1. It's nice to know that somebody bought the album.
    Thanks for the mention.


    1. I do hope Darren & Liz continue to consider recording again. 100% Human was a strong collection, and call me crazy, sounds just as good today as it did in 1999.

  2. Listening to it now....picked it up in an indie music store when it first came out. Fun music.

  3. I really have been a big fan of this album for years. I've tried tracking down Darren & Liz to see if there's an opportunity for more from the duo. "Know Nothing" is pop masterpiece - I'm always amazed when such strong works barely break the surface. Initially, this album was bundled (in many US record stores at least, presumably by Atlantic) With Everything But the Girl's release, Temperamental - which, many could find strong comparisons between the two, 100% Human and Temperamental were coast-to-coast different.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      We're mixing the new album at the moment.
      You can find us on