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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eyra Gail - Eyra Gail (2002)

I posted a song on Lost Pop Treasures recently by La Rissa, and mentioned that a second single was released by the act, but with a different singer. Luckily a visitor, saffronfinch, knew exactly who that singer was and mentioned that she had an album. Of course, I had to order it immediately, and here it is! That singer was Florida native Eyra Gail, and that La Rissa song, "Someone To Love (Me)" is included on the album. Also included are her three other singles: "Heaven", "The Flame" and "Tell Me It's A Lie". All three are remakes. Her version of "Heaven", originally by Bryan Adams, was a trancey reinterpretation. Unfortunately DJ Sammy released his identical version at the same time. He ended up hitting the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 with his version, while Eyra had to settle for #3 on the Maxi-Singles Sales chart (no doubt aided by her version's similarity to DJ Sammy's). Her next single, "The Flame", was a dance remake of the Cheap Trick ballad, and it went mostly unnoticed. Her most exciting song, in my opinion, was her third single "Tell Me It's A Lie", and that's because it's a remake of the track by Isle postees Rumorz  (their album is posted here too) and it was also produced by their producer, freestyle legend Lewis Martinee! She sings the verses on her version differently, but it is still the same song about her man cheating on her...with another man! LOL This song also failed to get attention, unfortunately, and not much has been heard from her since except the single "Love Is On The Way" in 2006. But the album is a full on dance workout, with eurohouse, trance and freestyle sounds aplenty.

Download Eyra Gail

Tell Me It's A Lie
Give It To Me Straight
Someone To Love
The Flame
Missing You Tonight
River Of Tears
Why Did You Go
I Like The Way (You Make Me Feel)
Written On My Body
I Gave You Everything
It's A Lie (DJ Infiniti Mix)
The Flame (DJ Fluid Radio Mix)


  1. Poor Eyra! Her chance to be a one hit wonder got another one hit wonder! LOL. I own this CD. it's actually pretty good and for the longest time I couldn't figure out if this actually was "La Rissa" but with a new stage name.

  2. Another girl i just could love forever...

    Sadly, this one is gone too, no chance to DL. Nevermind, this one is still living in my memory. Sweet Eyra, reminds me of my first girlfriend... her looks, actually.

  3. Blast from the past. Love it. Could you re-upload?

  4. I can't find Heaven by Eyra Gail anywhere. Is there a possibility for it to be reuploaded.