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Monday, July 30, 2007

Bianca - Forever (1989)

The title of this album could not be more ironic! Who is Bianca? I have no idea. All I know about her is this album, which she recorded with pop producer Bongo Bob Smith (who also worked with teen pop group The Party) in the late 1980's. And it's the perfect album to initiate this blog, as it exemplifies the kind of artists and albums I intend to feature. I picked up this album at a dollar store in Florida in the early 1990's (gotta love dollar stores!). It is very generic dance-pop, in the vein of acts like Martika and Eighth Wonder, with an attempt at a bit more of a 'funk' edge. Neither the look nor voice of Bianca are distinctly memorable, and choosing a one named moniker that several other equally unknown female artists have used certainly didn't help her stand out of the crowd. But if you like late 80's dance-funk-pop, you'll find something to enjoy here. Also of note is the vocal appearance of future R&B siren Chante Moore on the title track. Enjoy!

**UPDATE - An anonymous blogger knows Bianca and shared this info, also in the comments section: "She was originally Brenda Reierson from Pine City Minnesota. She was living in Orange County California when she recorded this album with her manager (later her 1st husband) Vini Bergeman. She is now 47 and living in the Palm Springs area, with her 2nd husband." Yay, finally a mystery solved!!

BONUS: Here is non-album track she released on indie label Macola (also Susie K and David Burrill's label) entitled Work It Right. (Thanks to justvox for letting me know about this track.)

Video for Club Boy

Download Forever

1Fresh Squeez
2My Emotions
4Straight To Your Heart
5You're The Only One
6Club Boy
7You Keep Me Waiting
8Do It Right
9Black Limousine
10When You Call Me Baby


  1. I can't wait to revel in all these no hit wonders!!!! congrats on the blog!!!!

  2. Thanks dearest! I couldn't have done it without you... xo

  3. ok can i just tell you how much i am loving this album!!!??? i think i am going to have to track down a physical copy of it.

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  6. I'm so glad that someone else appreciates this album! And, to me, Bianca's voice actually is memorable. I actually first discovered her in 1992 via a 12" single she released called "Work It Right" (and yes, it is definitely the same Bianca!). As for this album, the rhythm and vocal arrangements are clear-cut and effective, and the melodies simple yet engaging. On the closing ballad, "When You Call Me Baby," we get more of a taste of the range of Bianca's vocal abilities.

    I'd like to know more about who she is and where she is now, also. I noticed in the liner notes she dedicated the album to her grandparents -- mentioning their last names. I tried running searches on her using these names, but came up empty-handed. On the "Work It Right" 12" the label reads, "from the album 'Just Bianca'," but after years of searching for that and finding no trace of it, I'm pretty sure that album never came to be.

    Also, I'm unclear as to whether this "Forever" album really got the full proper release. I have the promo video for "Club Boy," which was on a promo reel from 1989, but I've never actually seen any evidence of it being released in single format. The only single that seems to have been released is "My Emotions," which came out in 1990 -- apparently after the album's release. Shep Pettibone remixed it, transforming it into a very different kind of track, and "Club Boy" was featured on the b-side.

  7. If you've got The Party...I'll...well I don't know what I'll do but I'll do it!

  8. Bianca's had a much bigger career than more people realize - 23 albums (22 in German) this was her only English release.

    Wonder what she sounds like in German? :)

  9. She was also part of an alternate pop/rock band called Black Angel's Death Song. They didn't have any chart hits but released a few albums.

  10. Thanks for looking into this, consolecharlie. But I don't think that the Bianca you found is the same person. That one seems older and doesn't really look like this Bianca. Usually All Music Guide just lumps similarly named artists together on a page. If you look here - - you'll see they are separated as Bianca (7) and Bianca (10). It's also unlikely either of the Biancas were in Black Angel's Death Song. But good try! Please keep up the research!

  11. I guess AMG need to work a bit on structuring their music artists.

    I'm almost sure that it is the same Bianca - Bianca on the Forever album looks in her mid-ish 30s to me and those German albums in the mid 90s efinetly look incredibly similar to her. Even the voices aren't too dissimilar. Could be just be me but that's just what I think.

  12. Right, I know I've been rather unlucky with finding stuff about Bianca but I ain't giving up yet and I think I have found one of her later recordings.

    It's just a short clip but the voices are distinctly similar in my opinion - I've had no luck tracking down the CD so verifying it isn't gonna be easy but I'll try my best.

  13. I know Bianca personally- She only released one album- "Forever". She was originally Brenda Reierson from Pine City Minnesota. She was living in Orange County California when she recorded this album with her manager (later her 1st husband) Vini Bergeman. She is now 47 and living in the Palm Springs area, with her 2nd husband.

  14. Thanks so much, my anonymous friend! Finally, the woman's identity revealed!! Do you know if she still records, or plans on it in the future?

  15. Unknown person thank you! At last we have gotten somewhere with Bianca :D

    I too am intrigueed about whether she will record again - let us know if you can.

    And JustVox - Could you upload the video on youtube so we can see it? Thanks :D

  16. Hi nasty-
    I actually worked on both angelica and bianca's albums-(did angelica's makeup/co-wrote club boy for bianca) Read the liner notes- michael eckart and leslie worked on both projects. Michael Eckart of Stacey Q fame is my husband. Vini Bergeman (Mr. Ultra Limousine) was the money/producer/inspiration of both projects. Those were some fun times.
    Angelica had a baby shortly after her project was released and was living in east LA somewhere last I heard. I believe Bianca is retired and living the spa life in the desert.

  17. Oh my, two people who know Bianca writing in one day! Awesome!! Thanks Anonymous (#2), though I'm guessing from your note you are 'Leslie'. And you are Michael Eckart's wife??? Do you know how many people on here will lose their minds when they read this??? He was responsible for so much of the music we all love!! Thanks so much for writing (by the way, Club Boy was the best song on Bianca's album, IMO. ;) and filling us in on two of the most enigmatic artists on here. And who knew they had a connection?! Fantastic! Lucky you! Any other details or stories you could share about these ladies or any other artists featured here will be greatly appreciated by everyone, I assure you. Thanks again!!!!!!

  18. you are right nasty-
    I am anonymous/blondie,-
    real name leslie eckart, and my husband michael
    is indeed an incredible talent. I was fortunate to have met and married him during that fun time in the 80's early 90's- he also worked on some other dance stuff-Karel, A Dawn A. and also Natalia (from Russia) who had a really cool look and vibe.

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  20. Well, it is an honour to have you here, blondie/Leslie! Part of my reason for creating this blog was to shed light on some of these acts whose albums I used to love but whom I knew nothing about. You have been a great help! And the fact that you married Michael, who aside from the brilliant Stacey Q also worked with another fave of mine, Bardeux, as well as April Wayne and Vesta? I'm not worthy! LOL Please check in now and again and shed some light on others I post in the future that you may know, and keep us informed of any new projects you Eckart's may be working on in the future! Cheers to you!

  21. yep- he worked on those artists as well as candyman,
    anything box and elisa fiorillo. did some great jazz stuff later for warren hill.

    I will be happy to check in periodically.
    Cheers to you for starting this site ; )

  22. I used to play keyboards with Brenda (AKA Bianca) back in the 80's, if any one knows her email, please forward it to me. Thanks.

  23. consolecharlie, I will try to upload an excerpt from the video before too long. I do have a channel now on youtube called "Retro Rhythms." You can find Maria Christensen's "Got to Find a Way" video there (also featured on this site). I have some of my own performances on there, as well as lots of 80's/early 90's stuff!

  24. Thanks very much Justin that's greatly appreciated :D

    I actually already spoken to you on Youtube. I'm OnslaughtJJB, the one that gave the enthusiastic response to Maria's video :D (Gave you 5 stars btw)

  25. Great stuff you have. I'm a sucker for obscure cheesy pop music of the 1980's! I'm pretty much falling in love with this album right now. The tracks attract me; I even detected a tad sampling of what sounded dance/freestyle-esque to me! Bianca is awesome! Loving it...thanks for re-uploading this!

  26. At last the video has appeared, it's brilliant. Bianca looks so hot lol :D

  27. I grew up and graduated with "Brenda/Bianca". We used to play in her basement and play dress up, she always loved to dance and sing. We are all 50 now, where did the time go.

  28. Hello again.. This download doesn't work. I'd really like to have this one.