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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Alta Dustin - Shoulda Known Better (1991)

What do we have here? Yet ANOTHER dance-funk-pop album by yet another unknown pop tart? Indeed!! This time it's Alta Dustin, whom I can only find references about on gay and lesbian sites, and then not much. I do remember reading an article about her some years ago, where she discussed breaking out of the pop tart image once she came out of the closet (something she and Sam Fox obviously do NOT have in common!). Interesting, non? This album followed a couple freestyle/dance singles in 1989, "Tonite" and "One Man Woman", that were produced by Tony Green, who also worked very closely with Isle postee Cindy Valentine. This album strays from that sound for the most part, favouring synth-pop and R&B-lite, a la Paula Abdul and Isle postee Stacy Earl. In fact, Oliver Leiber and Elliot Wolff, who produced both of those ladies, show up here on a couple tracks, including the title track, which was her first single. The best track is the freestyle-ish second single "Lookin' For Love", produced by Tolga Katas. Otherwise, unknown producers take the reins for a pleasant pop confection (and check out the bizarre "Life A.D.") featuring Alta's distinct voice. In 2000 she released her second album, the independent Dychology 101, and from the samples I've heard, she didn't stray too much from her sound in 1991! The themes, however, changed drastically from boy meets girl to girl meets girl, as the album's title clearly gets across...

UPDATE: Apparently Alta herself has seen this and left this comment. Love it and her! ;)

"This is hilarious. What do they say? "Any press is good press?" Thanks for caring ;-)"

Download Shoulda Known Better

Shoulda Known Better
Save Yourself (For Me)
Time To Let Go
I'll Fight 4 Heaven
Lookin' For Love
Ain't I Good Enuff?
Life A.D.
Where Were You?
Is It O.K.?


  1. I think I've found her MySpace page - or a fan made one, can't tell tbh

  2. She's got a video of her song, "One Man Woman" on YouTube.

  3. I just gave this one another chance, and I really like "I'll Fight 4 Heaven."

  4. This is hilarious. What do they say? "Any press is good press?" Thanks for caring ;-)

  5. Alta, is that you? Please update us on your current goings-on!!

  6. Alta is one of the most talented singers I have ever been in a room with. Her integrity kept her out of the music biz..which is why she is alive and healthy today ! All the best to you dear, your a brave soul in this world of confusion :)

  7. Is there anyway that this can be re-upped.
    Thanks in advance and for all your work.

  8. Would love a re-upload on this one if it's not too much trouble, the mediafire link is dead already.

    Thank :)

    1. Thank you very much, it's appreciated! :)

  9. You should have heard her cover "Shotgun" or Nina Hagen's "New York, New York."

  10. Hey everyone I just wanted to say that although she is not a pop singer any more she is still a great junior high school teacher she thought me so much and gave great advice thank you ms Dustin

  11. Any chance of getting this one re-upped? It would be much appreciated. Thanks

  12. please re-up again please if it's possible of course.. thank you

  13. "should've known better" and "where were you" are funky uptempo dance numbers and the brilliant ballad "is it ok" shows she could sing.i don't skip a track on this cd.

  14. i wish her first two singles were on cd. almost 2 years later but good enough for inclusion. are-release could include these and all those many 12 " mixes too.

  15. I thought Alta was one of the nicest and kindest " female vocalists ' to ever come out of New York ...
    She was sweet and kind and her songwriting was unique .. to say the least
    She just got caught up in the Machine and her poor spirit was crushed by the business ... so I'm always glad and very happy to say that even though she didn't make it as a " star ", she made it in life as the person who she really was ... and that, in my opinion ...
    is winning the game !
    good luck to you Alta :)
    T ~