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Friday, August 3, 2007

Try 'N' B - Try 'N' B (1992)

Has a failed pop artist's name ever been more appropriate? Indeed, the members of Try 'N' B tried to be pop stars, and failed miserably. In short, Try 'N' B is Milli Vanilli, part 3. Rising from the ashes of The Real Milli Vanilli, which itself was an attempt to carry on the MV name with the real singers of the disgraced duo's hits, Try 'N' B's self-titled album used singers from The Real Milli Vanilli, as well as the same backing vocalists and producer, the legendary Frank Farian. In fact, several of the songs on this album are retoolings of tracks from The Real Milli Vanilli's only album "The Moment Of Truth" (which can be found on the Screw Music blog in my links). What can you expect here? Basically, Milli Vanilli with more female vocals. It's that simple. If you like Milli Vanilli, you'll like this. For more details on Try 'N' B, check out their limited profile on Wikipedia. But really, the album cover and content tells you all you'd ever need or care to know.

Download Try 'N' B

Tell Me Where It Hurts
Keep On Running
Ding Dong
When I Die
Body Slam
Sexy Eyes
In My Life
The End Of Good Times
Nice 'N Easy
Who Do You Love


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  2. Thnk you very much! I was lookin for this album so far...and finally got it!!! again, thanx!!! :D

    you rule!

  3. sexy eyes was quite a hit in my country, new zealand. i had no idea it was by the real milli vanilli at the time...

  4. @Anonymous, it really wasn't. The real Milli Vanilli singers were Brad Howell, John Davis, Linda Rocco, and Jodie Rocco. According to the album's liner notes, none of them sang on that song. Try 'N' B was what was left of the band called "The Real Milli Vanilli" after they got rid of anyone who was actually in the original Milli Vanilli (except for reusing some of the Rocco's backing vocals in places). "The Real Milli Vanilli" itself was also comprised partially of new, young members to make up for the loss of lipsynchers Rob & Fab; these were the people who stuck around for Try 'N' B, along with two new additions (Kevin Weatherspoon and Tracy Ganser).

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  7. Thank you so much!