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Friday, August 3, 2007

Tekla - Somebody Else (1999)

What's in a name? In the case of Tekla, it seems her name almost defines her music. Released on Nettwerk Records in 1999, this album is sort of techno-folk, following very closely in the footsteps of Madonna' acoustic-electro moments on her Ray Of Light and Music albums. In fact, the title track (a semi-successful dance "hit") sounds like a Madonna left-over, a "Ray Of Light" companion piece with Tekla even sounding like Madge in places. The rest of the album follows it's lead, with mostly mid-tempo techno-lite tracks. Tekla's voice is very Nordic (indeed, she released two albums in Swedish before this), which means melodic and Abba-esque. She's like a tamer version of fellow former Nettwerk signee Bertine Zetlitz. Unfortunately, like Bertine, Tekla garnered little attention in North America, but unlike Bertine, she also seems to have faded into obscurity even in her homeland. Nothing much can be found about her now, a shame as she was one potential pop-star who showed promise.

(For the maxi-single of "Somebody Else", please visit my sister blog HERE.)

Download Somebody Else

Somebody Else
Like No One Else
One Day
Two Persons
Hide Behind My Pride
Run Over By A Car
Better Than Reality
Even Cactuses Bloom
Always Running
So It's Over Now
Somebody Else (Precision Edit Mix)

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