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Friday, August 3, 2007

Manee - Desire (1993)

Here we are again, another artist that I can find NO information on. All I know about Manee is that she released the album in Canada but was originally from Thailand. I did have the 'pleasure' of seeing her perform many moons ago at the first ever Energy Rush concert on Toronto Island, sandwiched between better known artists like Robin S, 2 Unlimited and LA Style. She was a slinky minx, surrounded with a bevy of dancers and gyrating to her light-house beats. She wasn't a hit in Canada or anywhere else, alas, as far as I know. The album is comprised of poppy-house and ballads, all fronted by Manee's not unpleasant voice. It was produced in part by Rich Dodson, a Canadian producer who worked with many faded Canadian pop-starlet (more to be featured here!). It is a true testament to the simple pleasures of faceless 90's pop-house and certainly, like Manee, has it's charms.

Download Desire

Is This Love?
Super Star
The Look Is Gone
Don't Wait Forever
Don't Make Me Wait
We Can Do It
When Somebody Says They Love You
Better Love Next Time
You Don't Have To Say It


  1. I've managed to find something...I think. I can't really tell as the whole website is in Russian :S

    Still at least it has a different cover for Desire.

  2. I'm so happy that Google offers translations of websites, cause I've managed to find Manee :)

    Still very much active in Music, though in a different way now, here's the website for you :)

  3. Manee was SUCH a sweetheart!

    Only thing I regret is that my mom missed my 9th birthday cause she was on tour with Manee in Europe LOL

  4. Her Facebook -->

  5. I'm glad, I can find some article about her. I really like her singing style. Also, she still works in the entertainment industry. Her real name is Maneenuch Smerasut. Here is her facebook