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Friday, March 14, 2008

Flame - Flame (1989)

Oh, the days of A&A Records on Yonge Street in Toronto. They used to have huge delete bins of cassettes and would throw in a few new releases for the same price, usually 99 cents. I would search through the bins for hours, and this album is one I found, having no idea what it was but hoping it was something good. The artist name and image promised excitement! And boy, was I excited when I listened to it!! I would love to know more about Flame, actually ANYTHING about her (though I did discover that Flame is her real name, her last name is Braithwaite and she has done backing vocals for other artists). She had a minor R&B and dance hit with the lead-off single "On The Strength", a duet with the then hot Tony Terry. And it's a scorcher of a dance track. I was in love. The rest of the album includes awesome pop-dance R&B with even a hint of freestyle and house. The freestyle element was no doubt there thanks to producer Ted Currier, producer of my fave freestyle band ever, Sweet Sensation. Producer Gary Henry also had roots in freestyle, producing Isle postees Nice & Wild. So the album is fab from beginning to end. And Flame had it all - looks, voice and style. God knows why she didn't take off. Her second single "One Way Lover" flopped and Flame was extinguished. I recently fell in love all over again when I discovered iTunes was selling the video for "On The Strength", which I had never seen before. As I said, scorching!

Video for On The Strength

Download Flame

On The Strength
One Way Lover
Show And Tell
Lifetime Groove
Come And Get It
The House Is Surrounded


  1. will come to no surprise I own this album too! I bought it a few years back at a flea market for $1USD!! I love it!!!

  2. Had a word with Tony Terry on MySpace, very nice guy and he gave me a bit of info.

    Flame is not a nickname it's her real name!!!!

    "Thanks for the note. I hope this one finds you well.
    Flame Braithwate is her real name.
    I'm not sure what she is doing now. I've tried to reach out to her to no avail. I think she's in Chicago now ... not sure though."

    It's something :D

  3. Indeed! Cool to know these artists are so willing to write back! I do remember searching for Flame years ago and discovering her last name. Her father was apparently famous too, now that I recall, as a jazz musician or something. Perhaps that's the next course of action. ;)

  4. I think she was also known as Flame Braith, and her father was George Braith, and both were part of the Braith Family Singers. Something there, maybe...

  5. wow i never thought id see this album chance do you have the single mixes of on the strength...ill check back you comment or post anything...great idea for a have Joyce Fendy Irby - Maximum Thrust

  6. Alas, I do not have the mixes. I do have the cassingle of One Way Lover, though. And for the Joyce Irby album, look no further than Will For All:

  7. anyone has the single verson or mixes that were available on the cd maxi cassette or cd?

  8. Look up her name on Facebook, you'll find "Flame BraithwaitePatterson", certified massage therapist. Everything else (which isn't much) made public on that profile is music-related, so I'm guessing it's her. Looks like her and there are probably not many people with that unique and lovely name. :)