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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shana - I Want You (1989)

It's amazing to me that so many artists that I thought had huge hits were not nearly as successful as I assumed. I always thought that Shana's song "I Want You" was a top ten hit, but when I looked on Billboard's site, it reveals it only reached number 40 on the Hot 100! Of course, it was a big dance hit and is one of the most successful freestyle songs ever, but it barely made the top 40! The album is very much in the style of her lone 'hit', a freestyle extravaganza with some poppy moments, like her remake of the Ronettes' "Best Part Of Breaking Up". She also hooked up with two of freestyle's biggest producers, Ish and Lewis Martinee. She released two other singles from this album, "Falling Slowly" and "You Can't Get Away", which only reached number 82 on the chart. A couple years later she released one other song "Turned Up On You", but then faded into obscurity. I discovered a couple years ago, however, that she did record again, this time using her full name, Shana Petrone, and in her favourite style, country music. She was signed to Epic and recorded a country album, but it was never released. She continues to pursue a country music career. There is a site where you can get more info on her should you be so inclined HERE.

Video for I Want You

Download I Want You

I Want You
I'd Do Anything For Your Love
Best Part Of Breaking Up
I'm In Love
You Can't Get Away
All Of Me
Falling Slowly
Zero To Sixty
(Hey Boy) Tell Me Why
Is This Love (An Illusion)


  1. I really loved "You Can't Get Away." It may not have been a big ntional hit, but it was a huge regional hit, especially in the Southern U.S. states. I own this CD and still enjoy it from time to time. I always did wonder, why they didn't give her a more stylish image on the cover, since all the freestyle divas knew the importance of appearance and fashion. Still, nice to know that she's still pursuing music.

  2. I was looking for this album for a while and gave up, so thank you. FYI, it seems a single or at least a promo was issued of a song from the Epic country album:

  3. this is a good one indeed. I have a hard time liking female singers, but like her alot, this is the first time I have heard of her.

  4. she has a myspace...

  5. I found out about this singer on and I purchased a few songs off of iTunes. Shana has an incredible voice. It's a shame that she didn't get a lot of mainstream success like other freestyle musicians.

  6. She has two gigs coming up in the northeastern US that I know of - May 14 in Hartford CT and June 24 in Lawtown MA :)

  7. Her first country single a few years ago was awesome. No idea why it wasn't a hit...

  8. I'm here, but I cant download all the album just "I want you"...