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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sugar Babes - Sugar Babes (1987) & Stacye & Kimiko - Paradise (1990) DOUBLE POST!!

The original Sugar Babes (not to be confused with popular UK trio Sugababes) were a Motown teen girl group that consisted of Patrice Lydia, Kimiko Whittaker and Stacie Irvin.  After releasing three mildly successful singles - the dancey "We Rock The Beat" and "I'll Educate You (On My Love)", and the ballad "A Perfect Kind Of Love" - and an amazing self-titled album, Patrice left the trio.  The remaining two members were signed as a duo to MCA (why Stacie decided to change the spelling of her first name is a mystery...). They released the album Paradise, which was very much in the spirit of the Sugar Babes in sound, though with less funk and more swing, and much more mature in content and with a tip of the hat to Janet Jackson. They went from fun loving teens to sexy young women. With a crew of pop/R&B hitmakers at their fingertips, they concocted a flirty and fun album. The single "Wait For Me" just barely reached the R&B top 40, while "R.U. Available" failed to chart. Though the girls deserved to do better, the second time was not a charm and again they were dropped from a label. Kimiko recorded a solo album in 1992, but it was shelved. She continued to work in the music biz, though, most notably as co-writer of Salt 'N' Pepa smash "Whatta Man" and co-producer of their song "Start Me Up". Stacie's whereabouts, like so many of her fellow castaways on the Isle, remain unknown...

**UPDATE - Thanks to the fab detective work of Dream 101, we have a bit of info on their whereabouts. Here is his info:

Found someone on Youtube who Kimiko is the aunt of, she sent me a message after I asked her about Kimiko :D

"Yo I checked out your blog and I told Kimiko to check it out. Thats nice to see people still appreciate her music. As far as Stacye goes...just like the spelling of her name she's a mystery. Last I remember she was getting married. How that turned out...I have the slightest, but we keep her in our prayers. (smile) Kimiko is doing just fine. She has a family now. The Lord had another direction for her. She owns her own business and she has two beautiful children. I'll have to find out more about the solo album......... "

And both and Stacie have Facebook pages, so should you like to get the story directly from the ladies, hit them up there!  

Kimiko's Facebook page  Stacie's Facebook Page

Video for We Rock The Beat

Download Sugar Babes

1 I'll Educate You (On My Love)
2 We Rock The Beat
3 Teenage Holiday
4 Silly Faze
5 The Perfect Kind Of Love
6 Here I Go (Falling In Love Again)
7 You Bring Out The Best In Me
8 He's The One
9 The First Play

Video for Wait For Me

Live performance on Soul Train of R.U. Available

Download Paradise

Wait For Me
R.U. Available
Come And Get It
Single Girl
Lover's Paradise
Every Word
I've Been Waiting
My Thrill
It Just Ain't Right
Wait For Me (Extended Club Vocal)


  1. Thanks! I've always wondered by them. I love "Wait for Me", but I could never find it!!!

    Many, many thanks!

    1. i found it in a library the album and i borrowed it for free

  2. Check my blog entries on Stacye and Kimiko, and also the Sugar Babes (the girl group they were in before they became a duo) at Rare & Obscure Music.

  3. I downloaded the album onto my iPod. It's so amazing!! Thank you very much!!

  4. Here's a little treat Nasty G, and another album knocked off your wanted list :D

    Here's the Sugar Babes album :)

    Thank God for Youtube :)

  5. AWESOME! I LOVE this album! Thanks a TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hello could you reupload this album please?

  7. Thanks I bookmarked your blog just for this... Great site!

  8. Great Site! Is there any way that you can upload the sugar babes album on your site? If so, it would be greatly apreciated!

  9. Hi, there! I used to own BOTH of their albums! I saw them live in concert in 1989! All three girls were AMAZING! Please re-upload the 2nd album for us? All of the links are dead. :-( Thanx so much!

  10. I've been looking for this music for years! It takes me back. I love these songs!!!!!!

  11. Here I Go Again was one of my favorite songs back in the day. I still listen to it to this day.

  12. Nasty G...thanks man, nice blog. I love following up the happenings of these "forgotten" artists but who made an imprint while active. Thanks again and keep up the good job :)