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Friday, March 28, 2008

Tené Williams - Tené Williams (1993)

Here is another diva that emerged from the world of producer Steve "Silk" Hurley. She burst onto the scene with the Hurley-produced track "Give Him A Love He Can Feel", which managed to hit number 50 on the Billboard 100. Like previous Isle postees Malaika and Jamie Loring, Hurley gave her a breakout track in the vein of his greatest success, Ce Ce Peniston. It was an upbeat soul track with a bit of house that resonated on the dance floor. Then Tené released her self-titled album - and nothing much was heard from her again. It seems this was, in part, due to the fact that, as with Malaika, Hurley did little other production on the album other than the lead off single. His buddy E-Smoove did produce a few tracks, but the rest of the production was left to a gaggle of other R&B producers, and the songs were not that similar to her breakout hit. The R&B song "Just A Matter Of Time" was also released, but to little success. And that's where Tené's story ends, at least as far as I can find out. This looks like a job for Consolecharlie! LOL Till we find out more, enjoy another little-known gem.

Update : Thanks to the indispensable Consolecharlie, I can tell you that Tené's real name is Tiffany, she's married to one of the album's producers, Kyle Bynoe, and after her label failed to support her, she left the industry to concentrate on her religious beliefs. Thanks, CC!

UPDATE 2: Thanks to, I've discovered that
Tené returned to the music scene in 2011 and released a single and video called "Your Love Completes Me".  The girl is looking and sounding fabulous.  Check out her Youtube page for more.

Video for Give Him A Love He Can Feel

Download Tené Williams

Good Morning
Give Him A Love He Can Feel
Silly For You
Missing You
This Time Baby
Just A Matter Of Time
Can We Get Together Tonight
Jamie's Dream


  1. LOL :D

    I'll have a look around and see if I can't find something on her - let's face it, she's gotta abe somewhere :D

  2. And five minutes later I've already got all the extra info on tene Williams :D

    Incredible fluke but hey who's complaining lol

    Kyle (Bynoe,one of the producr's on the album) worked with Tiffany Williams under the alias of Tene Williams. She had a huge hit and Kyle produced half the album. They got married in 1994! :D

    She's also done one of two tracks for films with Kyle. (The film "O" mean anything, I haven't heard of it?)

    And this link:

    Tells us that the record company never really backed her up and she decided to step back into civilian life until the Lord God decides for her to go forth again :D

  3. You are a genius! I thought I looked thoroughly on the internet. I guess not! Thanks!!

  4. It's really a combination of luck, who the artist is and who they worked with. Luckily i had all 3 for this one!

    And I've really got none of those on Monik Garo except for that lone 1999 mp3.

  5. Thank you so much. My copy of the cd skips and I've been hoping that I could find it somewhere.

  6. Tené came back on the R&B scene last year and release a single and video called "Your Love Completes Me!"

  7. Could you please repost this album? I have been looking for this everywhere!!!