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Friday, April 11, 2008

Liz Torres - The Queen Is In The House (1990)

For my money, there is no one fiercer than Ms. Liz Torres. The woman exudes exotic sexiness and attitude. She is indeed, as her album title implies, THE Queen Of House! Born in Puerto Rico, she moved to Chicago with her family as a child. There, she put her sultry and sassy voice to good use, recording with house pioneers Master C&J and releasing underground hits such as "What You Make Me Feel", "Mama's Boy", and "Can't Get Enough" (which appears on this album in an updated form). They were at the forefront of the popular Chicago house scene. Her vocals were often half-spoken and murmured, with bursts of diva passion and snappy retorts, often in her native Spanish. The songs were compiled for an album on an indie house label (and have recently been reissued on CD). She also released a couple of solo singles, "Touch Of Love" and "Out Of My Life" (which is featured on sister blog Lost Pop Treasures).  Given the underground success of the her tracks with Master C&J, Jive Records snatched her up in 1988. She recorded her album with half of Master C&J, Jessie Jones, producing. The singles "Payback Is A Bitch (What Goes Around Comes Around)" (#9 on the Billboard Dance chart) and "Loca" were perfect introductions to the crazy diva that was Ms. Torres, and they were dance floor scorchers. The label delayed the album's release, however, and it wasn't released until over a year later. The single "If U Keep It Up" (#5 on the Billboard Dance chart), produced by then hot Clivilles & Cole, was issued as a proper introduction to the album and was also a dance smash. But the label failed to promote the album further and it disappeared. And for the most part, so did Liz Torres. She released a few other songs, including "I Don't Want You To Stop", "Don't Let Love Pass You By" and "Set Urself Free" (#11 on the Billboard Dance chart), and did lead vocals on Danny Tenaglia's "Turn Me On", both of which were also dance hits. She also guested on industrial group Excessive Force's album Gentle Death (a combination made in heaven IMO). But otherwise she has kept a very low profile. Considering the reverence so many house music lovers have for her, including myself, she simply MUST return to reclaim her throne ASAP! (And please don't mistake her for nowhere-near-as-fierce actress/singer Liz Torres, of John Larroquette Show and Gilmore Girls fame.)

UPDATE (May 2013):  Isle visitor Gemma just tipped me off that the one and only Liz has returned to music and recently released a new, AMAZING single. Check out "Your Love Is All I Need". So excited to have Liz Torres back!

Video for If U Keep It Up

Download The Queen Is In The House

If U Keep It Up
Payback Is A Bitch (What Goes Around Comes Around)
Love Doesn't Last
Love Temptation
Work This Way
I Hear Voices (Voices Inside My Head)
Can't Get Enough (1990 Remix)
Losin' You
I'm On Fire


  1. master c&j feat LIZ TORRES " in the city " and " Face it " ...forever !!! .
    (douzi28.05.70 -

  2. Thought you would be interested to know that Liz Torres is also having a comeback, she just dropped her new single on UK label Luxor records last month.

    Your Love Is All I Need

    1. OMG, thanks SO much for letting me know! Liz is one of my all-time fave divas!!! Love this song!

  3. Can someone tell me info if I can book her for an event please who what how??