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Friday, July 4, 2008

One 2 Many - Mirror (1989)

One 2 Many should have been called One 2 Few - one too few hits and one too few attempts at another. The Norwegian synth-pop group consisted of vocalist Camilla Grieshel, guitarist Jan Gisle Ytterdal and producer/musician Dag Kolsrud. They initially released the song "Downtown" in Europe, and it became a hit there. Three more less-successful singles followed: the very SAW/PWL sounding "Another Man", "Nearly There" and "Writing On The Wall". A year later "Downtown" picked up steam in North America, even squeaking into the tail-end of the Billboard Top 40. But apparently they couldn't really be bothered to keep trying in North America for what had already proved elusive in their home continent, and they broke up. Since then, Jan has been a part of other bands like Oceans Apart and GLOW. Dag also joined a band and pursued a solo career, but found the most success as a keyboardist for A-Ha. Camilla continues to sing, recently releasing the "Afro-Peruvian" album Rum & Chocolate.

Video for Downtown

Video for Another Man

Download Mirror

Another Man
Nearly There
Writing On The Wall
Man On The Run
In My Heart
You're The Reason


  1. I love this album!

    LOL...I think it's so funny that you call this music synth-pop, because to me it's totally power pop. Rock music + synths = power pop GLORY! You silly boy. ;-)

  2. You say potayto, I say potatto, ;)

  3. I still have the cassette single for "Downtown" somewhere. I seem to remember that I saw the single advertised in a Smash Hits magazine and took a chance on it.

  4. This a cracking album that deserves a re-release in Europe. Downtown's one my all time favourite songs

  5. Could you fix this one, please? The links appear to be broken. Thank you. :)