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Monday, August 18, 2008

2preciious - 2preciious (1996)

Here's some more Canadiana for you. 2preciious was a very short-lived alt-rock group fronted by 'metal queen' Lee Aaron. Lee (born Karen Greening) was one of the few women recording heavy metal music in the early 1980s and is something of a Canadian legend. She had huge success in Canada and Europe with several metal albums. By the 90s, her sound and image became more pop-rock oriented and gained her even greater chart success. But then she took a break for a couple years in the mid-90s. In an apparent attempt to remove herself from her somewhat cheesy rock chick image, she first released a grunge-ish solo album and then re-emerged as the lead singer of 2preciious, who had a much more alt-rock sound, a la Garbage minus the electronics. Even though the rest of the group consisted of members of Canadian alt-rock group Sons Of Freedom, the new sound and image did little to gain the group notice, similar to fellow Canadian alt-rock reinvention Artificial Joy Club (also featured here). It had a lot to do with the marketing, which at first tried to keep her anonymous, even using her real name, Karen, on the credits. But once people realized it was Lee Aaron, they didn't give it a chance. Lee took another break, re-emerging once again in 2000 with a new sound, this time focusing on jazz, which is what she had begun her career singing. She released a couple jazz-pop albums and continues to tour, singing both her rock classics and newer jazz and pop numbers (though not likely any 2preciious songs...)

Video for Mascara

Download 2preciious

Come On Song
My Machine
Black Metal Jesus
Strange Alice
Dying Star


  1. links r dead. Re-upload please!

  2. I was a huge Lee Aaron fan back in the 1980s (even bigger one today). Playing 'Rebel Angel' from 'Bodyrock' at 4am was probably the only thing that got my through my physics finals at uni. When this album came out, however, I HATED it. I thought Lee/Karen had really lost it . . . but fifteen years down the line, I think this is one of her best. It's a perfect fusion of rock/metal with jazz that was so far ahead of its time that it was not until I built my media server, and the songs on this album kept coming up again and again at ever increasing rates on my playlists, that I caught up. Every song on it is now on my weekly playlist.

  3. dead link. So hard to find. Got the cassette on clearance at Liquidation World eons ago. Oddly my downloaded zip file from some site was missing track 6, so please help me.

  4. I have met Lee Aaron before. Lovely lady. I never heard of this before and would love if you could reup. Many thanks!