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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lina Santiago - Feels So Good (1996)

And here we have another 'lost' popstar, the lovely Lina Santiago. Once again, I have searched for info on her to no avail. She released this album during the mid-90's resurgence of freestyle music, and had a great deal of success with her first single, "Feels So Good", produced by DJ Jaunito. The song just squeaked into the Billboard Top 40 and was huge on dance charts everywhere. She, along with Planet Soul (whose main man George Acosta did an interview at the time dissing Lina ruthlessly, claiming that her hit was just a rip-off of Planet Soul's sound) and Angelina, brought a new form of freestyle back to the charts, which is really more electro-house than classic freestyle. Whatever the case, she hit it big - for a brief moment. According to DJ Jaunito, her label Universal had a different musical vision and made them record an album full of mostly ballads and hip-hop flavoured songs (including a sweet remake of One Way's funk classic "Cutie Pie"). Her second single, the ballad "Just Because I Love You", hit the Billboard Top 100 but failed to reach the Top 40. Then she disappeared. Chances are that more upbeat dance numbers would have kept her in the spotlight (though the new freestyle movement was short-lived). Instead, she joins the list of M.I.A. pop stars. Sad indeed, but delightful for this blog! ;)

Video for Feels So Good

Video for Just Because I Love You

Download Feels So Good

Dale Que Dale
Just Because I Love You
Feels So Good
Everywhere I Go
Must Be The Right Thing To Do
Cutie Pie
Deep Inside Of Me
Thank God For You
Always In My Heart
Where Is My Angel
We'll Stand Together
Yo Se Que Te Amo
Por Donde Yo Voy


  1. she is featured on a 2007 single by Monteloco called "Hot Mami". It's on itunes...

    hadn't heard her name in years!! used to love FEELS SO GOOD...

  2. all links are down :( could you please re-up this album?

    warm greetings from guatemala!

  3. I bought her CD back in 2006 at a new/used record store because for a while, I had been curious about this girl. I remember looking through my uncle's CD collection and wondering who Lina Santiago was, so I had to look it up. When I found that she sang "Feels So Good," it gave me a flashback as I remember hearing that song on the radio back in 1995 or 1996 but I had no idea who the singer was. When I found out that she had another single called "Just Because I Love You," I had to listen to the song to refresh my memory and man, did it refresh my memory. Before listening to it, I totally forgot about that song. I have to say that the album was a great purchase and I like almost all of the songs on that CD but my top favorites are "Just Because I Love You," "Everywhere I Go," and "Where Is My Angel."

    It's such a shame that she didn't make it far in her career. She had it all. She was beautiful, she had a great voice and with all the talent she had, you would think that she would make it far in her career. Back in 2006, I noticed that she collaborated with rapper Monteloco and she also did a song with Pocos Pero Locos. It was good to know she was still singing or at least tried coming back. Also, I noticed that she is still as beautiful as ever.

  4. Hi! Could you please re-up this album? I'd really like to hear it and can't find it anywhere. Best wishes from Norway

  5. Wanted to update everyone in 2017! Lina Santiago is back with a banger! the song is called Mi Amor with Randy Taylor-Weber & Lenny Ruckus and It just came out, its hot! got that latin vibes of Despacito and Mi Gente, definitely google it!