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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jazmin - Better Be Good (1999)

One of the things I've enjoyed most about creating this blog is discovering background info on the artists, and especially seeing what they are up to now. Here's one that I wasn't holding out much hope for, only to discover that she has been working steadily and is gearing up for a BRILLIANT new career. Jasmine Baird was a young Canadian lady looking for a music career. She hooked up with a label and a host of popular Canadian producers (including those who have worked with previous postees - Nick Fiorucci from Oval Emotion and Riprock 'N' Alex G who produced Boyz-N-Girlz United), and set to work on her new album. She also changed the spelling of her first name thanks to management pressure, likely in an attempt at something more unique. The music was par for the course at the time, a hybrid of pop and R&B that was popular thanks to Britney et al. But Jazmin's album had much better vocals and was smoother and funkier. Alas, it only gained limited attention, though the dance mixes of the singles "Better Be Good" and "Don't Push" were club hits. By the time the video of her lovely remake of Princess' "Say I'm Your Number One" was released, the public had unfortunately moved on. But so did Jasmine. Among other things she toured with Nelly Furtado, did back-up on Canadian Idol, as well as wrote songs for it's winners, and then moved to the UK, where she lived with members of The Feeling and continued writing for other acts like the lovely Monrose. She even co-wrote the exclusive download track from Kylie's X album, "Rippin' Up The Disco". Most excitingly, however, is her new music, which promises to hit big, especially in Europe. She now goes by the proper 'Jasmine', and is making fabulous new electro-pop. Go to her Myspace site and see her brilliance for yourself. There is also an interview with her on the Don't Stop The Pop blog. This is one 'lost' artist whose new work I am eagerly anticipating! Welcome back!!

For the dance remixes of the title track, "Better Be Good", go to my sister blog HERE.

Video for Don't Push

Download Better Be Good

Better Be Good
Say I'm Your Number One
You Gave The Best
Don't Push
Come With Me
Caught Up In You
Should've Been Lovin' You
Reassure Me
Whatever It Takes
A Place Where I'm Free
The Scent Of You
My Patient Heart
Better Be Good Remix (Velvet Club Int'l Single)
Don't Push Remix (M1's Jinxxed-Out Mix)


  1. hey! thanks for this album, it's amazing! haha.. love it!

    By the way, I've added you to my favorite blogs list on my blog: , I adore it! haha..

  2. The new album is sooooooo good!! Bring on 2009. Your gonna love it!

  3. Thanks so much for the update on Jasmine! I remember I bought this album real cheap 9 years ago at a used CD shop. One of the clerks gave me a smirk and said "you have a week to return it" lol.. I didn't return it the next week, but I did sell it off to another place a few years later. I actually enjoyed "Say I'm Your Number One," but that was about it for me. That said, her new material is AWESOME! Had no idea she co-wrote "Rippin' Up The Disco." I'll be damned!