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Friday, March 13, 2009

Orchestra JB - Tambourine Fever (1991)

Orchestra JB was an alias of Jimmy Brown, a British DJ and musician. In the late 1980s he recorded a few house tracks, such as "On A Love Groove", for indie labels under the moniker. The track "Free Spirit", which was based on samples from various sources, became a fave of the rave crowd. It's follow-up, "Come Alive", garnered even more attention and praise, even though it was a downtempo track. It was favoured as a chillout track at the end of raves, along with tracks by the likes of The Orb and Massive Attack. A remix featuring the same hip hop baseline utilized by Madonna that same year in "Justify My Love" was it's most popular mix. On the track, Miss Bliss (better known as Sister Bliss from Faithless) spits a smooth rap, while singer Lydia Steinman provides soulful vocals. The song utilized a lot of harmonica, as well as other horns and acoustic elements. This song would serve as the blueprint for the whole album, which is mostly down-or-mid-tempo and utilizes actual instruments (most prevalently harmonica and, of course, tambourine) as well as electronics, with Steinman providing most of the vocals. A major label, EastWest, snatched the act up and wanted more of the same over an entire album. If you're looking for something to chill out to, look no further. But it can wear thin, and the rave crew didn't exactly embrace the album, which would be the only one from Orchestra JB. There is no sign of Jimmy Brown or Lydia Steinman anywhere on the internet, though, as with most of the acts on the Isle, we can assume they are still working in music to some degree.

Download Tambourine Fever

Greetings To The Riptide Moon
Come Alive
This Is Frightening
Burn The Sky
Free Spirit
Lunar Beach
Pleasure Head
Up Before Dawn
Wide Open Space Cowboy
Blow Your Head Forever


  1. I was the man who co wrote a few of the tracks as well as playing the Harmonica on the Album and singles.

    I've not heard from Jimm for a good 15 years now

    Billy Brown (no relation)

  2. Jimmy wasn't from the US. He came from Sunderland.

    1. He was from sunderland, Pennywell and loved a bit Tangerine Dream and had hairy legs but couldn't play footy to save his life.

  3. that is correct....however, I still write and perform from time to time and have a facebook page as well as on Youtube too.

    The music however, is far removed from Orchestra JB

  4. Please, repair the link. I cannot download that album. The link is broken. Please, fix it.