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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lisahall - Is This Real? (1998)

Lisahall is a UK band that emerged during the tail end of the trip hop and brit pop movements. They were a combination of the two, surrounding poppy lyrics with electronics and guitar. They released a few singles from the album, including "Comatose" and "Connection 17", and they had tracks on a few soundtracks, including the title track, which appeared in the movie Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. But, as with so many groups here, their only minor hit was the dance mix of "I Know I Can Do It", which reached the lower end of the Billboard Dance top 40. Though the music is very catchy and well constructed (to me they sound like a poppier and more uptempo Sneaker Pimps fronted by Natalie Imbruglia), it came at a time when it's two greatest musical genre influences were both on their way out of public favour. Also, the band was named after their lead singer, the ethereal Lisa Hall, which added confusion as to whether they were a band or Lisa was a solo artist. They were dropped from their label, Reprise, and kept a low profile until they popped up on Myspace in 2006. As of 2007, they were still working on new recordings, which are posted on their Myspace page HERE, but, as they themselves say, it is a slow process when you don't have major label support and money and need to work for a living. But the fact that they've managed to stay together this long bodes well for their future!

Download Is This Real

Connection 17
Is This Real?
I Know I Can Do It
It Takes A Little More
The Sign
All I Am
Don't Want To Talk About It