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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sugar Jones - Sugar Jones (2001)

I suppose that I should have featured the original Canadian Popstars winners Sugar Jones before previous postees Velvet Empire, who were their successors. But at the time Velvet Empire seemed trashier and more apropos for this blog. So now it's due time for Sugar Jones and their album, which is much better than VE's, IMO. Their story is no different than their international counterparts: A ton of young ladies from across the country were auditioned to be in a pop group and the best were featured on the Popstars TV show, competing to be one of the final five. After many greuling weeks of rehearsals, lessons and tests, the five considered the most talented were chosen - and then one was dumped due to credit card theft and replaced at the last minute. The TV show then documented the album's recording (think the Spice Girls meets Destiny's Child) as well as the making of their first video for the single "Days Like That" (a remake of the song from 1999 by UK girl group Fierce). They worked with well-known Canadian R&B and pop producers (who also produced previous postees Jazmin and, yes, Velvet Empire, as well as many future postees). I remember how excited I was when the video was finally aired, and also how excited my BF was when he spied them at an Erykah Badu concert and almost attacked them while they were surrounded by their fans - all little girls. LOL Alas, the excitement barely lasted through their next single, "How Much Longer", and though both songs were Canadian hits, they soon broke up, due in part to one member, Maiko, leaving to tour with her husband, singer Remy Shand, who was becoming famous internationally. Like in the US, the whole Popstars brand fizzled after that. Though the ladies all seemed to disappear, a quick look reveals that surprisingly four of them have continued pursuing music, to varying success. Should you care, their Myspace pages are here: Maiko Watson (now divorced from Remy Shand), Julie Crotchetiere, Sahara MacDonald & Andrea Henry. The last member, Mirella Dell'Aquila, apparently works as a receptionist at a private school in Montreal, and once was rumoured to be engaged to former Brit Popstars hopeful and third runner-up in Pop Idol Darius Danesh. Talk about keeping it in the family!

Video for Days Like That

Video for How Much Longer

Download Sugar Jones

Days Like That
How Much Longer
If You
Keep On Walking
Never Leave Hurt Alone
It's Like Ice Cream
Baby Boo
Get Yourself Together
I Got U
A Little Bit Of Heaven
Days Like That (Baby Silver Refix)
How Much Longer (Couplet En Francais)


  1. The announcement of an engagement between Mirella dell Aquilla and Darius Danesh , trying to hitch Sugar Jones's UK promotion to the phenomenon which was Pop Idol must have seemed like a PR dream. Sadly it came as a complete shock to her "fiance", a young man who had only briefly met and been photographed with all of Sugar Jones, at their request, as he left the stage at an outdoor festival. Darius has had a successful career as a singer/songwriter, is currently working on his 3rd album, and is also an acclaimed West End actor with nominations for best actor and for best supporting actor. Interestingly, he is about to marry another Canadian, actress Natasha Henstridge, to whom he has been engaged for 2 years.

  2. Wow, thanks for the update! I'd never heard of him until I researched for this post. Most of the things I read did indicate it was all a PR stunt. Too bad for her, but good for Natasha!

  3. I have this CD. I found it in a clearance bin at a grocery store of all places here in Chicago. I don't think it ever got a US release, and was in fact a Canadian import. How bizarre. Ooooh and Darius! Grrrr I've had a crush on him for quite some time ;)

  4. Being from the home of PopStars (New Zealand), I followed all these bands around the world and as much as I tried, I never really got into Sugar Jones aside from Baby Boo which was epic! Their name however is probably the worst of any PopStars group...

  5. I think Eden's Crush was worse as a name. ;) Especially since they were obviously trying to rip off Destiny's Child. And have you heard Italy's Lollipop? They were pretty bad... :)

  6. Am I lame for still, in 2012, wanting Sugar Jones' album? Hahaha, they were definitely a group I loved as a child and find myself still randomly singing a song in my head. Thank you for a link to download the album! I've been looking for ages where I can download it :).

  7. Any chance of you reuploading this? I've been looking for this album for ages! Thanks in advance!

  8. Any chance of you reuploading this? I've been looking for this album for ages! Thanks in advance!