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Friday, October 16, 2009

Collette - Raze The Roof (1989)

By extremely popular demand, I give you the first album by Australian pop tart Collette. I had unfortunately never heard of this '80s/'90s pop dynamo until this year, as her music never made it over the ocean to North America, but once I got a taste of her talents, I needed this album ASAP! I almost had my hands on a CD copy of it on eBay for a steal, but some loser ended up outbidding me at the last second and got it. :( But just last week, the fabulous Aaron Halliwell, knowing my desperate need for it, was kind enough to rip it for me, and here we are!! So thanks for this must really be given to him. And for an in depth exposé on the lovely Collette and her illustrious body of work from someone who grew up with her music, I direct to you to the always fascinating Pop Trash Addicts and their very recent post on this lost pop goddess HERE. For my part, I am so sorry that I missed this album when it was released. I would have died over it, as the majority of it has an acid house sound, which I adored (and still do). I remember when the acid house mix of Mandy Smith's "Victim Of Pleasure" drove me wild back in the day. Well, imagine a whole album of it!!! Pure bliss!!!! So go ahead and indulge in the pleasures of Ms. Collette Roberts, won't you?  (And should you be looking for her second album Attitude, it is now available at the amazing Music Spectrum HERE!)

UPDATE:  Thanks to Isle visitor Rachel, we can now watch a 15 minute documentary on the making of the Raze The Roof album! Originally released on VHS, she graciously posted it to Youtube for us.  Watch it HERE.  Thanks so much again Rachel!

Video for That's What I Like About You

Video for Ring My Bell

Video for All I Wanna Do Is Dance

Download Raze The Roof

That's What I Like About You

Ring My Bell

You Ain't Gonna Hold Me Back

Victim Of The Groove


All I Wanna Do Is Dance

Ordinary Man

Party Time

Only You Can Do It


Save Yourself


  1. Thanks a l☺t.

    ♥ C☺llette ;)

  2. Collette is one of my all time favourite trashtastic divas. I'm so glad she's found a home on the Isle.

  3. Does anyone know where she is now? I interviewed her for the street paper (Beat) in 1989 or thereabouts when she was appearing on the ABC TV show The Factory. It wasn't the most amazing interview, but she was very nice. There was at least one album after this where she ditched the lycra and attempted to squash the party girl image, but it didn't catch on.

  4. There's plenty of info on her here:

  5. OMG! this disc is fantastic. I, too, had never heard of her until now and regret not having experienced this artist in her heyday. At least I can enjoy her now, thanks!!

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  7. thanx for this album NastG hope we can locate Colette's second effort ATTITUDE released 1991.

  8. It's down, please reup


  9. Collette was on "Rage" on 24/1/2015. Hot, hot, hot. Skin tight black leggings. Found the song she sang here:

  10. could you please re-up this amazing album please

    1. many thanks, much appreciated