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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lisa Vale - ...And I Love You (1992)

Here is another delight that I only had on cassette but was sent to me in MP3 form by the delightful DJMPHACTOR/A.J.. Another huge thanks! And this is also another artist who has a very low profile on the internet. But thanks to a fan site for the show Roundhouse, I have a brief bio. Considering I knew nothing about Lisa when I bought the cassette for $1, it was more than I could hope for! She was born in New York, and began dancing at the age of 9, learning ballet, jazz and modern dance. At some point along the way she also discovered an interest and talent in singing, and was impressive enough to get signed by EastWest Records. Her album was produced by famed rock and soul producer Humberto Gatica, and it consists of dance pop with hints of rock and soul. She released three singles from the album ("Remember", "Love Plus Love" and "Waiting In The Wings") but none were hits and she failed to capture a significant audience - until now! Leaving her recording career behind, she joined the cast of the Nickelodeon variety show Roundhouse in 1993 and also sang the theme song (clips of Lisa on the show can be found on Youtube). She left after the second season to have a daughter, but rejoined the cast for the show's fourth and final season. There was talk of a second Latin album, but it has yet to surface. And I can find nothing on her since. So, once again, if anyone has any info, please share!

Download ...And I Love You

Perfect Lover
And I Love You
Love Plus Love
Give It A Chance
Open Up Your Heart
Deeper Shade Of Love
Waiting In The Wings
Oh Yeah!
Love's Never EZ


  1. Thank you for the Lisa Vale. A friend of mine turned me on to her in our college days and the only recordings I had of her were on a mix tape he made me.
    Your blog is amazing and helped me remember a lot of artists I had forgotten. So Thank You Very Much.

  2. I have search for Lisa Vale info and found Your blog here, for me ...and I Love You is one of my favorite CD album! I'm working as a full time audio mastering engineer and I lived in Indonesia. Thank You for making this blog, I hope we can get some more information about her.....

  3. i bought this tape in a bargain bin for $1 .i bought it because i saw a hottie and couldn't think, besides her obvious capitvating beauty she's a gr8 singer. the songs, half are good,half are ok,nothing stands out.bland,inane,predictable, cliched lyrics don't help. wortha listen if you get it cheap.

  4. Download doesn't work

  5. I still have my CD! Lisa is my couisn! Im younger so it was super cool to be in middle school and all my friends watched and knew we were proud! Im a mom myself now and found this blog while searching for "Roundhouse" clips to show my kids. They know her as mommys couisin so they kinda geeked out when they saw the clips lol! Since you seem to be fans I thought id update you. Lisa is a mom of 2 kids, a daughter in college and a son i think 12-ish (i know terrible i dont know that lol). She currently lives on the East Coast with her husband and has a succesful Photography carrer....takes AMAZING pictures! Take care all!

  6. more beautiful.more sincere.more talented than most chart entries. deserved more .deserved better.