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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bizarre Inc - Energique (1992) & Surprise (1996) DOUBLE POST!!

Bizarre Inc. began as a duo in 1989 that helped bridge the gap between the existing acid house and the emerging techno sound. Composed of Brit DJs Dean Meredith and Mark Archer, they recorded some 12" singles and an EP for an indie label. Archer left early on and was replaced by two more DJs, Andrew Meecham and Carl Turner. The trio released a 12" single on another indie with the tracks "Bizarre Theme" and "X-Static", songs which appealed to the rave crowd. They then released the song "Playing With Knives" in 1991 and their career blew up. The track almost hit the British top 40 and was a dance hit around the world. After their next single, "Such A Feeling", hit the Brit top 20, "Playing With Knives" was re-released to even greater success, hitting the British top 10. This attracted interest from major labels. At the same time, Blue Pearl, who are also featured on the Isle, released "Can You Feel The Passion", which was based on "Playing With Knives", to great success (the single is posted on my sister blog Lost Pop Treasures ;). Perhaps Blue Pearl's version convinced the trio that their music was even better with original vocals, because they hooked up with soulful British singer Angie Brown and released a more mainstream house single, "I'm Gonna Get You". The combination proved to be explosive and the song made the Brit top 3. Columbia Records noted this success and snatched the group up for international distribution. "I'm Gonna Get You" became an international hit, almost reaching the Billboard Top 40 and hitting number one on the dance charts. This was followed with another song featuring Angie Brown, "Took My Love", which also reached number one on the dance charts, and an album. The third single, "Love In Motion", featuring singer Yvonne Yanney, also managed to hit the dance charts, but the momentum was dying. The rest of the album consisted of mostly instrumental or sampled tracks, which wasn't what the fans expected after hearing the big hits. It took the trio three more years after their last single from Energique to release another album. Realizing that their great success came with the introduction of Angie Brown and vocals, the album was much more vocal-based. They hired Brown on full time, and she was more involved with the songwriting. Unfortunately for Bizarre Inc, the time away from the scene wasn't to their benefit, as their sound changed drastically from edgy techno-laced house to a more soulful, pop sound. Though the three singles, "Surprise", "Get Up (Sunshine Street)" and "Keep The Music Strong", all dented the British charts, the rest of the world largely ignored them and the group ceased to be. A few years later, however, Meecham and Meredith reemerged under the name Chicken Lips and have released successful and edgy house and electro music. And their muse Angie Brown also kept recording as a featured vocalist on many dance hits, capitalizing on the success that Bizarre Inc afforded her.

Live performance of Playing With Knives

Video for I'm Gonna Get You

Video for Took My Love

Video for Such A Feeling

Download Energique

Raise Me (Ascension Mix)
X-Static (Adult Mix)
Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)
Dangerous Women
I'm Gonna Get You (Original Flavour Mix)
Love Will Save The Day
Took My Love
Love In Motion
Delicious Minds

Video for Keep The Music Strong

Download Surprise

Keep The Music Strong (Radio Mix)
The Feel Is Real
Get Up (Sunshine Street)
Never Give You Up
Love Groove
Soul Fire
Porcelain Cafe
Take A Look
Shout It Out


  1. i've been looking for Suprise forever, I love the cover art..i couldn't find bcuz i was spelling the name wrong lol, though with the wrong sp i always came up with the first cd, with led me to think it was a figment of my imagination.. thanks

  2. Can't figure out how to download either of these albums! Help! :-)

  3. Wondering about the "another singer", it seems to me like Angie Brown all the time, only using her "cuter" voice. Thanks for uploading! And there's a nice video for Keep The Music Strong on YouTube.