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Friday, October 22, 2010

S.H.E. - 3's A Charm (1997)

Though it would take another 8 years, Tyren Perry, whom I featured in my last post, did reappear on a major music label, this time on Interscope sub-label T.W.IsM. Records, a vanity label for basketballer and rapper Shaquille O'Neal. She teamed up with sisters Jania and Jaimee Foxworth to form R&B trio S.H.E.. Tyren and Jania had previously sang together as backing vocalists on Quincy Jones' Back On The Block album in 1989, the same year Tyren released her only solo album, and both continued to take occasional acting and session singing gigs. With their sister Jaimee they had grown up singing three part harmonies, but Jamie soon found another calling, as an actress. Also in 1989, at ten years old, she was cast in the successful sitcom Family Matters as youngest daughter Judy Winslow. She was in the series for four seasons, but after requesting a pay increase which couldn't be justified by the producers, who didn't know what to do with her character anyway, she was let go. She managed to get another sitcom, Getting By, but it was short-lived. While she and her sisters continued to get bit work, she could not find another substantial role thanks to her association with her Family Matters character, a fate which befalls many a child actor. After putting so much into their daughters' stagnant careers, their family began to suffer financial difficulties. The sisters decided to band together as a group in another attempt at a music career. They were noticed by Shaquille O'Neal, who featured them on his second album, You Can't Stop The Reign, in 1996. He signed them to his label and they released their first single, "My Secret Is" the same year. Though the single got little attention, they still managed to release their album the next year. They also managed to get a track, "We Got Heart", on the soundtrack to the movie Steel, starring Shaq. The album was smooth pop/R&B, a less street version of the sound groups like SWV and Total were exploring. I'd compare them to the UK's Cleopatra, but with much better harmonies. Unfortunately the trio didn't stand out from the numerous other R&B girl groups of the time and they were dropped. They remained out of the spotlight after that, which put a strain on their family, and it was rumoured that their parents declared bankruptcy. Jaimee was affected the most and ended up battling substance abuse. In a desperate attempt to cash in on her childhood fame and make some money, she ended up in porn, taking the name Crave and starring in several porn movies. Meanwhile, Tyren and Jania continued to pursue music. Most recently Tyren is lead singer of the heavy metal group Kai's Army, and she promises new music soon. You can watch live performances on her Myspace page. She also still dabbles in acting. Jania did backing vocals and choreography for Heather Headley, among others, and also continued to act. She had a dance hit in 2007 with The Perry Twins entitled "Activate My Body". You can catch up with her on her Myspace and Youtube pages. And Jaimee found herself back on television, this time as a patient in Dr. Drew's VH1 reality show, Celebrity Rehab. She has since had a son and apparently kicked her substance abuse, and is rumoured to be releasing an autobiography. I'll be first in line to get it!

Download 3's A Charm

S.H.E. (Interlude)

In The Middle

I Wouldn't Take Her Back

My Secret Is

24 Hours

I Can Do That (Interlude)

I'll Never Leave You


Get Back With You

Summer Rain

Hi, Mommy, I Love You (Interlude)

Good Thing Going

Should I Tell Him?

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