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Friday, February 11, 2011

Roonie G. - Beyond The Looking Glass (1994)

I've been posting so many 80s albums lately, it's time to step back into the 90s. Here is a CD I picked up in a dollar bin somewhere that remains an interesting sidenote to the career of an artist who has flourished in a different aspect of music - as a DJ. Roongsak Griffeth was born in Thailand but traveled the world from a young age due to his father's station in the army. He eventually settled in Georgia in the US and began DJing as a teen. He eventually attended college and obtained an electrical engineering degree, but stayed employed as a DJ. His specialty was old R&B music, and he ended up getting a residency at an Ohio bar where he remained for 10 years. After honing his remixing skills, in 1989 he was hired to remix many songs for the popular club remixing service Ultimix, where he remixed songs for the likes of Janet Jackson, Naughty By Nature, and Salt 'N' Pepa. His specialty was hip hop and electro, and this led to more work with another DJ service, X-Mix, where he remixed songs by artists like Aaliyah and Chingy. Along the way, it was only natural for him to explore making his own music, and he decided to release an album that would feature his considerable mixing skills. He released the album on his own label. It is very electro-influenced, with a ton of samples and Roonie rapping on most tracks. It also uses heavy doses of freestyle and Miami bass elements, and features female vocals and child voices. At times it's even reminiscent of Snap!. Though he released two singles, the double-sided "Change The Beat/Dirty Mind" and "Voice Of A Nu Generation (The Baby Song)", the album went unnoticed and Roonie returned to DJing. To be honest, with the over-abundance of samples and Roonie's sub-par rapping, it is an acquired taste. But he did carry on very successfully as a DJ, DJing several Superbowl and NBA parties, and he still tours the world, as his website will attest. He also got a reputation as a pioneer of video DJing, mixing sounds and visuals together for a show that goes beyond just music, indeed beyond the looking glass. ;) It is interesting that most of the biographical info available on him doesn't mention his one album as an artist, but it's definitely a rare curio that you should give a spin.

Download Beyond The Looking Glass

The Future
Merri Go Round
Thro' Your Hands In Da Air
Beyond The Looking Glass
Change The Beat
Voice Of A Nu Generation (The Baby Song)
Dirty Mind
April Fools
Girl, U Turn Me On
The G-Spot
Worth The Wait
Forgive Me Girl


  1. I met him in 1991 when a rap group i was djaying for recorded a song in his studio in Columbus GA!..he was also a dj at a local club there called the to see what he did with himself after that!!!

  2. please re-upload in flac. please send to

    thx! :)

    1. Sorry, can't upload in FLAC, but I reupped in 320kps MP3.

  3. I know this guy personally from Columbus, Ga. He's a total a**hole in real life. His brother Suwat is cool though