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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bas Noir - Ah...Bas Noir (1992)

Bas Noir was an American house music duo who were one of the many dance acts signed to Atlantic Records in the early 1990s when the label was in a dance music signing frenzy. Alas, like so many other dance acts signed to the label at that time, they failed to make a big enough impact to warrant a second album. It's not that they didn't have the goods, however. Not much is known about their origins, but it's assumed that Mary Ridley and Morie Bivins teamed up as Bas Noir in the late 1980s, choosing a group name meaning 'black stockings' for some reason. They teamed up with the Burrell brothers Rheji and Rhano, who as Burrell released an album in 1988 and had some house hits, most notably "I Really Like" (I have the album and might feature it here in the future. ;). The Burrell brothers applied their smooth house sound to the ladies' first single, "My Love Is Magic". The song was released on the small Nu Groove label and became an underground club hit in the US. Ten Records picked the song up for the UK the following year and it reached the lower end of the UK pop charts. They followed it up with "I'm Glad You Came To Me", which made an even bigger splash on the dance charts. This attracted the attention of Atlantic in the US, who commissioned an entire album, with the Burrell brothers producing most of the tracks. They also brought in Kerri Chandler and Dee Dee Brave, whose album has already been featured on the Isle. However, for the first single from the album they chose the song "Superficial Love", the only track not to be produced by either team. It was produced by a couple of relatively unknown R&B producers, and was definitely a much more R&B track. This was likely released to attract a wider audience for the duo, but instead it seemed to alienate their existing fan base, who were hoping for another house stomper. (This fate befell another Atlantic house act, Jomanda, though Jomanda managed to have a few big hits before they turned to R&B and effectively ruined their career.) The Kerri Chandler remixes housed it up and the song managed to reach the dance charts, but it was too late for the album. Subsequent singles "Shoe-B-Doo" and "Addicted 2 U" had diminishing returns. They were dropped from Atlantic (along with a slew of other dance acts) and it seemed the end for the duo. However, in 1995, the song "What's My Name" by Native Sol was attributed to the ladies, and it appeared that they were forging on together in a new direction, this time getting much more soulful and exploring acid jazz. Nothing else was heard from Native Sol, however, and nothing much can be found about either lady since. There is talk on Youtube of their still being in the music biz, among other less savory exploits, but no one seems to know for sure.

Video for Superficial Love

Download Ah...Bas Noir

Superficial Love



Addicted 2 Luv

Get U Back

Love High

Out In The Rain

I'm Glad You Came To Me

We'll Find Love

If I



  1. Just bought this album on vinyl,as well as the remixes Of shoo b doo. Love then both!

  2. thank you very much for this