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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tres - Hold On To Your Dreams (1990)

So Adriana is back, and back with a bang! We must give her huge thanks for sharing this priceless treasure! I had never heard of Tres before, but I wish I had, as I've missed out on this beauty for so long! But better late than never. Tres was sisters Neida, Glenda and Mari Torres. The Puerto Rican sisters grew up in Boston and were surrounded by music. Glenda and Mari dreamed of pop stardom and convinced Neida to complete a trio. Armed with a ton of songs that they wrote, they approached Priority Records, which was known primarily as a hip hop label. Priority liked what they heard and signed the girls as their first girl group. They released the single "I Can't Hang Any Longer", the dance mix of which saw some attention in clubs. They followed it up with an album and the single "Let Me Feel Your Body" (they also released a Spanish version of the album called Dejame Sentir Tu Amor). Unfortunately both failed to hit, perhaps because Priority didn't know how to properly promote the girls, and they broke up soon after. Definitely a shame, as this album is pure pop-dance perfection! Though they were compared to Latin girl groups like Sweet Sensation and The Cover Girls (two of my all-time faves), they weren't freestyle like those groups and were much more pop oriented, with traces of R&B. It's an intoxicating mix which really should have been more successful. Since then, Mari has maintained the highest profile, becoming a radio personality and doing broadcasting training, with her own website devoted to it. Also, according to her Myspace page, she is putting together a group, but this time will be behind the scenes as it's writer and producer. Also look for her approval in the comments here. ;)  Thanks for visiting, Mari!

Download Hold On To Your Dreams

Stand Back
I Can't Hang Any Longer
Didn't You Know
Hold On To Your Dreams
Let Me Inside Your Heart
Dancin' On The Mezzanine
Let Me Feel Your Body
Love Won't Keep Us Apart
I Can't Hang Any Longer (7" Dance Mix)


  1. OMG THIS album? You rule!!!

  2. Hi Ya!
    Can you put up another link again. It seemed that all of the links to download their album are invalid. Thanks! By the way, I'm so glad to find your website. Keep it up!

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