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Friday, February 15, 2013

Picture Perfect - Boy Crazy (1987)

Thanks to a request from Ricky, and a generous fulfillment from Isle stalwart Adriana, I can now share with you the one and only masterpiece from American girl group Picture Perfect!  I used to religiously buy Right On! and Black Beat magazine in the 1980s, and I eventually had my bedroom wall filled with a collage of black divas as a result.  A photo of Picture Perfect was part of that collage, even though I had never heard a song by them (alas, I stupidly burned most of those pics years later).  I desperately wanted their album but it was not available in Canada, and as I've mentioned before, it was difficult getting imports here in those days.  I did eventually come across the 12" single of "Prove It, Boy" many years later, but at that time I was a bit 'over' that 80s sound and didn't think much more about them.  Luckily my renewed love for old school music, which resulted in this very blog, peaked my interest in Picture Perfect again.  I discovered a Facebook page a few years ago that was created by the ladies themselves - who are LaTamra Smith, Dwana Billings and Gennyfer Hall - but it no longer exists.  And locating the album was almost impossible - until now!  Thanks again Adriana, I love it!  If you liked the funky pop of previous Isle postees like Sugar Babes, Teen Dream or Tyren Perry, then you'll love Picture Perfect.  Thankfully LaTamra does have her own website now, which helps fill in part of the group's history.  LaTamra was born in Boston and attended a fine arts school as a child.  Her first big break was when she was chosen to be in the video for New Edition's breakout hit "Candy Girl".  She also appeared on the cover of the international version of their first album.  She continued to act, model and sing until she was chosen to front Picture Perfect when she was 19.  They were signed to Atlantic Records and "Prove It, Boy" managed to reach the lower regions of the Billboard R&B chart.  The second single, "Can't Hold Back The Tears", didn't fare as well, nor did the album, likely due to the influx of R&B girl groups at the time.  LaTamra went back to modelling and acting, and also created two production companies - L.A.Tam Productions and, appropriately, Picture U Perfect 2.  While little is known about the other two ladies, LaTamra has indicated that their time as Picture Perfect was well documented and a new 'project' may come out as a result.  We can only hope that includes some new music!

Download Boy Crazy

1 Boy Crazy
2 So Young
3 A Picture Perfect Love Affair
4 Can't Hold Back The Tears
5 My Love's Not Good Enough
6 Peer Pressure
7 Prove It Boy
8 Don't Try It
9 A Lovers Serenade


  1. Love this! Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you thank you
    this is more than perfect

  3. can i send you my bill for making me buy soooo many 90's r'n'b cds. it's costing me so much.