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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quartz - Perfect Timing (1991)

I was recently listening to a 'Best Of' by British soul singer Dina Carroll, and noticed that in the beginning of her career she performed with a house duo called Quartz, consisting of Dave Rawlings and Ron Herel.  Naturally I had to get my hands on their album, and voila!  It was actually Quartz's track "It's Too Late", a remake of the Carole King classic, that first brought Dina to the top of the charts.  She had released a few solo singles and singles as a featured artist in the late 1980's that barely dented the charts.  Then Quartz's management picked her to feature on two tracks - "It's Too Late" and "Naked Love" - from their upcoming album.  Quartz themselves had released a few singles in the previous years, with "Meltdown" being a club hit and "We're Comin' At Ya," featuring rapper Stepz, reaching # 65 on the UK pop charts.  They also managed to reach the top of the Billboard Dance charts as producer and featured artist on Clubland's "Let's Get Busy (Pump It Up)".  But it wasn't until "It's Too Late" was released that either Dina or Quartz would have a UK top ten pop hit, reaching #8.  They followed up with "Naked Love", but it only managed to hit #39.  No other singles were released, the album failed to make any major impact, and Dina moved on to a very successful solo career.  After issues with the management of funds and the record company, the duo broke up in 1991.  Herel went back to DJing, pursued acting, and became a popular radio host on BBC 1.  He currently co-directs Uptown Records and records with 126 Blonds.  Rawlings continued to record as Quartz and released singles for the next couple of years including "Hot For You" (again with Clubland), "Give Me Desire" and 'Distant", all on his own label, WBR.   In 1994 he teamed up with DJ Paul Mundy and formed acid jazz project The Jazz Vandall’s.  He produced their work, as well as the music of others, and released it on his new label, Burning Records. He eventually sold his recording studio and has since worked as an engineer for live bands, with occasional DJ gigs.

Video for It's Too Late

Download Perfect Timing

1 Naked Love
2 It's Too Late
3 Obsession
4 If Love Is (What You Want)
5 Admiration Of Genius
6 Meltdown
7 We're Comin' At Ya
8 Transient Mind
9 Naked Love (Part II) (Big Apple Mix)
10 It's Too Late (DMC Mix)
11 Naked Love (Buster Cone Mix)
12 Meltdown (Hardcore Mix)

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